Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday- Day of Rest!

So, again, bear with me as I figure out how to work this Blog. I may modify my blogging and the format of this page as I go to make it more reader-friendly. But here it goes...

At the beginning of each week, I'll make an outline of my running schedule. My goal is to blog each day to reflect on my work out of the day. I won't be officially starting my NYC Marathon training until the first week of July, but OF COURSE I'm running in the off season! I'm currently on the Hal Higdon Marathon Recovery training plan (on repeat at this point...). You can find all of Hal Higdon's excellent, detailed (and free!) training plans here: I will be using the Advanced-2 to train for NYC. I used that plan for the Marine Corps, and Hal's Boston Bound for Boston. I'll discuss my NYC training plans in more detail over the next few weeks. One of the most important things to do when starting your marathon training is find a reasonable plan that (a) fits your schedule (b) you feel comfortable doing (c) you will stay consistent with. If you don't feel like it meets a, b, or c, modify it so it does or choose another plan.

As I said, until my NYC marathon training begins, I'm currently in recovery mode. I enjoy this time of laid-back, low mileage for many reasons: I can run lots of fun 5Ks without interfering with my training plan, I can stay out late on the weekends,  and I can eat burgers, fries, and greasy pizza whenever I want!! Mainly, it's nice to have a change in pace and focus my running mainly on the joy of the experience. Plus, it's fun to win races! I won the Flag Day 5K in Mentor on Tuesday. This is a painful, hilly 5K so I was pleased with my 20:18, 6:32min/mi time. It was a wake up call that I need to do more hill work (first wake up call was at Boston...those hills kicked my butt!!)
Flag Day 5K: First Place Overall Female!
With my Big Bro and my nephew!
It was so awesome to see my big bro, sis-in-law, and nephew as I crossed the finish! Although my bro's a major distance running skeptic (and is currently looking for a 0.0 sticker for his car hahaaaa), he has always been my hero. He's my confidant, psychologist, life coach, mechanic, teacher, comic relief, role model, and best friend. :-D

For my Boston training and recovery training, Friday has been my day of rest! I've learned throughout my running the importance of REST! It's a part of the workout, and a key component to your running success. Enjoy it and DO NOT skip it. Doing too much puts you at risk of injury and can lead to exhaustion. Both of which can significantly impair your ability to reach your goal. Today, I will be doing homework (teacher's don't get the summer "off" don't be fooled!), meeting my hilariously funny little bro for lunch, going to the pool, and then meeting up with friends for dinner!

I plan on running 90 minutes (about 11 miles) tomorrow morning. I've run two 5Ks this week so I'm planning on taking a break from racing this weekend. I'm using these next few weeks to get re-focused on my goals for NYC: to run a CONSISTENT 7:30min/mi and get back under 3:20 again!

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