Monday, June 20, 2011

Monday- Cross Training Sweat!

Happy Monday everyone!! I'm currently hanging out in my all-time favorite Starbucks in CLE enjoying a decaff mint tea (I try to stay away from caffeine after 4pm...otherwise I'm up ALL night), reflecting on my day and staring at the massive amount of homework I need to do for this Chemistry course I'm taking this summer. At the moment, blogging about my workout of the day is sounding much more appealing than this homework...sooooooooo here it goes!

So, today is my cross-training day, and I completed 40 minutes on the elliptical. When doing cross-training, I always keep in mind Bruce Jenner's tips to Kim Kardashian on Keeping Up With The Kardashians (is the name of this blog starting to make sense? ;-D ) as she was attempting to work off her booty. He said something to the effect of "I measure the intensity of my workout by how much I sweat!" And, I agree!! If I'm not getting out a serious sweat in my workout, I'm taking it too easy. Sometimes, I day dream in my workouts. If that happens for an extended period of time, I'll add on a few minutes to make up for it. Cross-training does not imply a "rest" day. It should be done with intensity. You want to build the muscles you don't typically use in running. It helps make you stronger while relieving your body from the stress of the pounding that comes with running. Ultimately, it helps to make you a better, more efficient runner. Get a good mix made up on your Ipod and make sure you WORK IT!

Have fun with your cross-training and mix it up. Any cardio workout other than running is consider cross-training: swimming, biking, elliptical, power walking, stair climbing, etc! I recommend alternating your cross-training so you're not doing the same thing (I have an elliptical in my apartment, so until teaching starts back up and I have access to the school gym I may stick with just that. I'm trying to save money and avoid a gym membership until winter. We'll see how long this lasts!!!) But, I recommend mixing it up!

A strong core is VERY important for good running form. I did a little bit of pilates (will get back into doing more pilates once the NYC training officially begins), and I think pilates is an awesome way to build a solid core. I try to do pilates twice a week. I usually do it on my cross-training day and my easy run day.

Had a big dinner of whole-wheat rigatoni  with organic pasta sauce, accompanied by a spinach salad with red onions and tomatos. This is great fuel to get my body ready for my track workout tomorrow. The Starbucks chocolate chip cookies are also looking pretty good right about now...:-)

Time to get that chem homework done. Until tomorrow everyone!!!

MP :-D

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