Saturday, June 18, 2011

Saturday- Sticky Long Run

My initial plan was to wake up at 7am, have a light breakfast and coffee, and head out the door for a nice, long morning run. The glass of red wine I had at Southside in Tremont last night called for a change in plans. I don't know what it is about red wine, but it always gives me the WORST head aches the following day...even just one glass! So, as a result, I decided to attempt to sleep it off, head out to buy Father's Day gifts for my dad and brother, stop by a graduation party for a former student in Aurora, then get in my long run.

...not very wise. I've officially decided that all of my summer long runs HAVE to be in the morning (ideally heading out before 7am)  to avoid the heat and humidity that comes with CLE summers. Plus, it's important that you simulate race situations as often as possible with your long runs. It's just as important to prepare yourself mentally as it is to prepare physically for running. Most races (with a few exceptions) are in the morning, so you really should do your long runs in the morning. You should also practice the eating and drinking you plan on doing before, during, and after running with your long runs. It will give you an idea of what works and what doesn't work. It's better to learn that during your training than in a race!!

Fortunately, although sticky and hot, my run wasn't terrible. For safety purposes, it's not a good idea for me to post exactly where I run. However, I will say that it is absolutely AMAZING. I love Cleveland so much. There's so much diversity, culture, soul, and beauty...I can't imagine living anywhere else!!

"I Will Be Keeping My Talents in Cleveland" (Hanging at Southside in Tremont)
Anywho, there were moments in my run where I struggled a bit. Around mile 4 I was running along Lake Erie (very cool!) and the humidity was killing me. I pushed through and had a few strong miles after until I hit a big hill around mile 10. I REALLY had to push my way up it, and did! I finished my last mile strong and was overall pleased with my run. I ran for 11.17 miles in 90 minutes, 8:04min/mi average.

I'm currently munching on a granola bar, yogurt, and some veggies. It's important to get in GOOD carbs and protein immediately after your run to replenish your starved, strained muscles that need to repair. Also, HYDRATE (but not too much...I've got personal stories to share on that) and STRETCH!!

Tomorrow, I'll post my running schedule for the week after my 35 tempo run! Just two weeks until my NYC Marathon training begins!!! WOOOO!!! :-)


  1. I'm going to be training for NYC also! NE Ohio girls rock!

  2. WOO HOO!! GOOD LUCK!!! :-D