Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thursday- I make time, not excuses :-D

This afternoon after my dentist appointment (no cavities, YIPEE!), I stopped by Dick's to make use of the gift certificates I won at the 10K Sunday (HOLLA!). I found a cute Nike outfit for my 5K Saturday, and came across a shirt also made by Nike that had a quote that resonated with me. I feel it  really suits who I am as a runner, teacher, and person in general:
I Make Time. Not Excuses.

I'd say it's pretty much my philosophy on how to live life. I know it's cliche, but life really is short. If you want something, get it. Don't wait around for that "perfect" time or chance. Truthfully, I'm not sure there has ever been a time in my life where the circumstances have been completely "perfect" to do anything. They're will always be excuses, whether it be with work, family, money, heartbreak, car troubles, depression, what have you. Put all that aside, and make time to REALLY live your life! 

Soooooo, after my inspirational run-in at Dick's Sporting Goods, I hit the pavement for a solid 30 minute tempo run. Again, the weather conditions in Cleveland have been ridiculously amazing. I will take 75 degrees and sunny every day until fall! I gave myself a 10 minute warm up, and then ran 15 minutes around a 7:00min/mi, and then finished with a 5 minute cool down. I covered a little over 4 miles. I'm feeling well and energized,  and looking forward to the Chardon 5K on Saturday! The weather is looking a little unfavorable (humid and upper 80s...hopefully will be at least in the 70's in the a.m. for the race), but I'm still hoping for a sub 20 minute finish. There should be some speedy chicas at this 5K to keep me on my toes!! We all need a good butt kicking here and there to motivate us to keep getting better!

Rest day tomorrow and shoe shopping, YIPEE!! :-D


  1. Hi MP- I posted a comment asking you about what supplements/what you drink during your long run/races...but I can't seem to find it...for that matter I can't see any of my other posts....

  2. Oh no! Really?? I'm sorry!! I'm happy to answer your questions, so just re-post if that happens again. Or, send me the question via facebook.

    I try to simulate my marathon eating/drinking strategies while I do my long runs. I tried out a hydration belt once years ago, and threw it off after the first mile because I couldn't stand the bulk, lol. So, for races, I rely solely on the water provided on the course and carry my own gels. When I do my long runs, even when I'm REALLY thirsty, I only drink the water I carry with me every other mile because that's generally when water will be available on the course. So, I get my body in the routine of only having water when I will be able to have it race day! (A tip with water cups-- bend the lid of the cup into a spout and you will prevent spilling it all over the place when you run! Also, KEEP MOVING while hydrating. Stopping/walking may cause you to lose your momentum, and starting back up can be very hard). Also, I always clarify with the volunteers that I'm getting water and not gatorade. I don't typically drink gatorade while I run. If I'm feeling totally spent, I'll drink it (I was feeling dizzy early on around mile 11 at Boston, so I went for the gatorade and it definitely helped!)

    As far as gels, I usually consume 3 on the marathon course. I research the location of the water stations prior to the marathon, and plan on taking down a gel about .25 miles before the water station. Then, when I get to the water station, I grab two waters to wash down the gel. You need to drink plenty of water with the gel to avoid dehydration. It's hard to know exactly how much water you will get in one cup, so I usually grab two just in case. I usually use the gels around mile 8, 16, and 22. The key is to take the gel BEFORE you really need it, not after. Also, do not rely on the gel provided on the course. They usually only provide it once, and sometimes oranges/bananas at another point. The timing usually isn't very good either (mile 17 is NOT the first time you want to consume a gel).

    For long runs under 12 miles, I don't use gels and only consume water. For long runs greater than 12, I bring gel with me and consume them in the fashion I listed above. I never do long runs greater than 20, so I never consume more than 2 gels.

    The key is to NOT try anything new race day. Practice your hydration/gels throughout your training, and you'll be good to go! For me personally, the gels GROSS me out and I wish I didn't have to use them. But, realistically, you have to use them. Your depriving your body's glycogen stores and need to replenish them as you run. Therefore, gels are a must! Also, be careful you are not OVERhydrating. Believe it or not, it is possible! Drink water went it's available and you are thirsty. Otherwise, you don't need it. I'll blog eventually about my personal experience with overhydration...very scary.

  3. I also use GU and find the taste too sweet!! yukk. I swallow it in gulps and just like you try to time it right before I reach the water station. Have you heard about Endurolytes it's supposed to prevent cramping...they are pills. Since you don't like to carry a fuel carry a water bottle in your hand during your training runs? Thanks for the tips and looking forward to reading about the OVERhydration.
    Have a good weekend and good luck on your 5K. Are you still running 5k's during training...I should find some local 5k's. :))

  4. I do carry my water with me by hand during my training runs. It just makes racing that much easier with no water in hand! :0)

    Thanks for the well wishes!!! I plan on running 5Ks here and there throughout my training, and also a 5 miler, 10 miler, and at least one half (possibly two...I usually run 2 prior to the marathon, but I'm running the Columbus Marathon 3 weeks before NYC so I'm apprehensive). I'll post a list of the races I plan on running this weekend. I STRONGLY recommend that you do some racing prior to the marathon.

    Have a great weekend too...and pencil in a 5k!! They're a lot of fun! :-D