Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tuesday- Eassssy speed!

Yes, easy does it! I slept in a little this morning, and woke up refreshed and ready for a 3 x 800 workout on the track despite feeling sub-par yesterday. I decided to keep the repeats as close as possible to 5K pace (which for me is about 6:20min/mi) to prepare me to get under 20 minutes at the Chardon 5K this weekend. This is quite slower than the repeats I've been running over the past few weeks, but I'd rather save my speed for Saturday!The Chardon 5K is pretty challenging, so getting under 20 minutes will be a great accomplishment for me!

I did a light 1 mile to the track, and then cranked out my first repeat at ~5:40min/mi (ooooooooooops!). I gave myself one quick one, and then eased up on the last two. My second repeat was at ~6:00min/mi and my third was at ~6:20min/mi. Once I finished the third, I felt like the workout was incomplete and wanted to do another repeat. I knew this would be a mistake, so I left the track and ran a light 1.5 miles home. The entire workout ended up totally 5 miles. I stretched, drank some cool water, did a few crunches/push-ups, and am eating lunch as I blog!

Tonight, I'll be helping a good friend from JCU, Kristin, who wants to start running! I'm going to take her on a 2 mile run, alternating a 400 meter walk and 400 meter light jog to get her started. I'm hoping to have her ready for a 5K at some point this summer. I'm SO excited to get her started on her own running journey!!!

Happy Tuesday everyone!!!! :-D

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