Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tuesday- Rainy Track Workout

There is nothing more I love than rainy summer runs!!! I'm not exaggerating, I seriously love it.

Today, I hit the track for 8 X 400 and it was great! I have so much fun with my track workouts. I put on some great, upbeat tunes on my Ipod to get me psyched and then put out all I've got! I love the feeling that comes with pushing myself to the max!!

I usually do a light 1 mile jog to the track from my apartment, and then get the ball rolling! It's important to bring water with you for your track workouts, especially in the summer, because you will need it!! My Garmin isn't working with my computer for some reason, so I don't have specific record of my repeats. However, I keep a close eye on my Garmin as I run and each repeat was about 5:45min/mi. I took about 400 meter light jog breaks in between each repeat. However, I usually pick up the light jog to about a 7:00min/mi the last 100 meters to ease into my 400 meter repeat. Otherwise, in my opinion, I lose a little bit of my repeat working up to the pace I want to hit. After I finished all 8 splits, I completed my workout with a light 1 mile jog back home. I made sure to stretch for a good 10 minutes and drank some cool water. Unfortunately, I just BANGED my knee on my coffee table getting up to check my phone. Most of my injuries come from non-running activities!! Fingers crossed it's just a small bruise!

Speaking of injuries, most new runners feel intimidated by speed training and are fearful of causing injuries and skip it "because they're not fast anyways." It's through speed training that you can transform yourself into a fast runner, or become an even fast runner than you already are!!! Sore muscles are a part of the process, so don't let aches and pains discourage you (unless they persist for quite a while, then you may want to seek medical attention...always listen to your body!). As long as you stretch before and after your run, eat healthy, and take it easy on your "easy" days and rest on your "rest" days, then you will be good to go!! I also recommend doing SOME (not all) speed training on the treadmill. Not all runners agree with me, but in my opinion, you can get some awesome workouts in on the treadmill. Plus, you can crank up the speed to a specific setting and push yourself to complete it. However, for mental purposes, you need to do track workouts as well. You need to feel the pain of the speed and fight to keep it although your body is telling you to quit. You learn to do this on the track, and this will help you in your racing.

Well, the sun is coming out so it's time to hit the pool!!! I'm thinking of either doing a 5K in Westlake Saturday or a 10K in CLE Heights Sunday. I'm thinking I will be doing the 5K because it's on Saturday and will allow for my flexibility in my weekend schedule. I'll keep ya posted though!!

As Dean Karnazes says, "When all else fails, start running." :-D

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