Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wednesday- Easy 5 with form on my mind!

The past few days in CLE have been absolutely amazing. I greatly enjoyed my late afternoon, 75 degrees and sunny, 5 mile easy run!  My left foot is feeling a bit tender, and was during my run, but nothing too terrible to cause concern. It's just another sign I need new shoes!! I will be getting those on Friday. Despite my achy foot, my run was very comfortable and enjoyable! It was hard to stop once 5 miles showed up on my Garmin. I ran for 39:02 at an average pace of 7:48min/mi. I had tons of energy left over to get in a little Pilates after. Overall, a great workout!

Tomorrow, I'll be running a 30 min tempo. I'm planning on focusing on my form during the peak of my tempo (~7:00min/mi). Maintaining good form is VERY important when running. What's good form? Well, in my opinion, it varies from runner to runner. The more you run, the more your body adapts to perform more efficiently. A strong core is important for any runner to keep good form, so I strongly recommend some form of core exercise (I do Pilates) throughout your training. Try doing it twice a week on your easy days if you can.

Although I can't say what's best for every runner, I can tell you what I do while running to maintain good form (I often get complements on my form from old running I must be doing something right!!) I always try to focus on looking straight ahead when I run, not at the ground, keeping my shoulders upright and not slouched, and my fists un-clenched (I place my thumb in the middle of my forefinger, and then bring in the rest of my fingers). You want your upper body to be relaxed, not tense, because otherwise you are wasting energy, and you are also preventing your lungs from exchanging gas efficiently. Also, I try to keep my arm swing to a minimum unless I'm bookin' at the end of a 5K. Some people waddle when they run, or keep their arms down and run like they're carrying suitcases, or bob their heads. I can't imagine how that works for those people, and it drives me NUTS when people that run weird like that pass me. But if it works for 'em, who am I to judge? In fact, one of my fav. running girls, Paula Radcliffe, runs with a crazy head bob, and she currently holds the women's world record for the marathon (2:15:25)! So, again, do what works for you!!

Paula Radcliffe...such a sweetie and super speedy!!

Usually towards the end of races when I'm wiped, my form falls apart, I'm hunched over and I'm dragging myself across the finish line (not particularly attractive, hahaaa). I'm trying to focus on maintaining good form the entire race, so what better time to practice it than during my tempo! Speaking of beautiful, below are two more of my all-time favorite running girls in action with great form:

Shalane Flanagan...another girl that runs with lip gloss!

Kara Goucher...recent mommy and still a sensational runner! I ran behind her at Boston (waaaaaaay behind) 

I'm still planning on the Chardon 5K for Saturday morning and looking forward to it! My goals are to run a consistent 6:20min/mi, finish under 20 minutes, and maintain solid form from start to finish. Can't believe it, but I'm just days away from my official NYC MarathonTraining! WOO HOO! :-D

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