Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday- Rockin' new kicks!

Yeahhhhhhhhh got some new kicks today!! Drove down to Fleet Feet-Northfield and got a brand new pair of Mizunos to get my NYC Marathon training started! When it comes to buying running shoes, it's ESSENTIAL that you go to a running store with knowledgeable employees to ensure you get the perfect shoe. It goes without saying that a proper shoe is the most important component in running well and injury-free. That is why I drive out to Northfield to get my running shoes. A good friend of mine from work, Laura Bell, told me about Fleet Feet a few years ago, and I'm so glad. The workers are runners and coaches themselves, very helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly. They examine your foot, your old running shoes, and watch you run to find the shoe that is the best fit for you. I've been wearing Mizuno Wave Inspire for all six marathons, but I went with the Mizuno Wave Rider this time. The Fleet Feet guy took a glance at my old shoes, watched me run, and recommended I make the switch. The Inspires are designed for overpronators (which I thought I was!'s when you run more on the inside of your feet), but by watching me run he could tell right away that I don't at all. In fact, I superpronate (run on the outside of my feet) a bit! I looked at some of my old running shoes when I got home, and just about all of them showed much more wear on the outside of my shoes. CRAZY!
New shoes next to my newly retired ones!

I picked some cool running shades when I was there, too! I've been wanting to get running sunglasses for a while. All of the sun's UV rays aren't just dangerous for your skin, but also your eyes. I spend so many hours in the sunshine running, and when it's super hot I don't like wearing hats.  So, I'm excited to try out my new, cool sunglasses!! Oh, and these sunglasses are also good for anti-aging purposes...need to do what I can to reduce the prominence of those crow's feet!
Cooooooooool new shades!

I also picked up some gels, and (dare I admit) body glide. No matter how much weight I lose while training (I was 110lbs for most of 2010 and I'm 5'5"), I still chafe! Gross, I know, but thank God for body glide. I put it on my arms and legs every time before I run and it works like a charm! It's awesome, so if you don't have it, get it!! And if you don't chafe, consider yourself VERY lucky!!

I'm always sad to retire an old pair of shoes. They've been there with me through it all...every speed training session, easy run, beautiful long run, bad day, and each step of the marathon. I'm too emotional, lol, and I recognize this. But, my running shoes mean a whole lot to me. :-D

Although I'm not a fan of trying anything new race day, I will be breaking in my new kicks tomorrow at the Chardon 5K! The forecast for the race is low 70s and rain. Not too terrible, but not fantastic either. I read an article in Running Times that recommends consuming lots of electrolytes a few days before racing on a hot day. So, I made sure to drink a gatorade today and I hope that helps!! Fingers crossed for some sunshine so I can rock the new shades, too! :-D

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