Saturday, July 2, 2011

Saturday- Chardon Race For Education 5K!

Turned out to be a not too shabby day for a race! ;-D

Woke up this morning on time at 6:20am, but was feeling somewhat disheveled  trying to get myself ready after the WEIRDEST dream I had before I woke up. In my dream, it was the night before the Columbus Marathon (I'm running Cbus before NYC in case you didn't know!) and I was babysitting for my x-boyfriend from many years ago (WEIRD). His baby was a girl with his EXACT face, and needless to say, this made for a quite distorted looking baby. I went to bed without putting the baby to bed, and woke up in my dream with the baby STARING at me because I didn't put it to bed (WEIRD!). I ended up leaving to head out to the marathon and there was a HUGE tornado. I decided I was going to run the marathon regardless, and ended up getting caught in the wind and was FLYING. LOL. I grabbed on to a tree branch and just prayed to God the storm would let up for the marathon. It did. And then I woke up. WEIRRRRRRRRRRRRRRD!

I was trying to analyze the dream as I was getting ready, and the next thing I know it's 7:15am! The race started at 8:30am and was a good 50 minute drive (at least) according to google maps, assuming I didn't get lost (...I have a tendency of getting lost, especially before races hahaaaa). So, I was eating, drinking coffee and water, and driving like a mad woman. Fortunately, it only ended up taking me 45 minutes to get there. So, with 30 minutes I had plenty of time to get my race packet, do a warm up, and sneak in a few trips to the Port-a-Potty, LOL. The weather was okay, 70 degrees and a little humid and on/off rainy (no need for the new shades, BOO!) I spotted a few fast chicas and knew I was in for some good competition. There were cash prize awards, $100 for first, $50 for second, and $25 for third...and I WANTED to place either 1st or 2nd for this one. I never typically run competitively, and am usually surprised to find I win races. But for this one, I decided to step it up a bit. I decided I was going to ditch my "safe" sub-20 plan and run like a competitor.

I did my warm up in my new shoes and was feeling great and ready to roll! I got up to the start line, and the announcer announced that the race was going to be post-poned until 9am. I tried VERY hard to not get super annoyed, but I was definitely frustrated. I decided to shake off the frustration, and head over to the track for a few more warm up laps. Finally, 9am rolled around and it was time to go! As soon as the gun went off, there was the normal rush of runners going out too fast so I held back a little but kept an eye on the girls that were ahead of me. As the first .5miles went by, I stuck at a 6:00min/mi and eventually swooped past a few quick start ladies. I could see only two girls ahead of me, one about 20 seconds ahead and another about 5. I snuck up to the girl that was about 5 seconds ahead, and she was NOT happy to see me. She pushed about a 5:50min/mi, and I watched her form and it was obvious this was not a comfortable pace for her. I ran with her for about a minute and decided to back off because I knew I'd eventually be able to pass her. I stayed right behind her, and waited for the perfect opportunity to get into 2nd place. We climbed over an uncomfortable hill around mile 1.25. This felt like the right time to pass her,  and as we approached the downhill, I did it and pushed ahead of her. I made it hurt and ran about a 5:50-6:00 min/mi for a good .5 miles. I wanted to get a good distance from her, because I didn't think she'd be able to catch me if I did. Once I got to about 2.00 miles and the rolling hills kept coming at me, I was paying for that quick boost. I didn't remember all of these hills from last year!! I just gave it all I had and told myself I'd put in the extra push if she (or another girl) caught me. To avoid getting anxious, I reminded myself that  everyone was running these hills and stayed calm although I was WAY off pace (about 7:25min/mi at one point). I slowly got back to a decent pace (about 6:30ish) around 2.5 miles but was hurting. Once I saw the finish was about .25 miles, I shut off the Ipod and booked it (about a 5:50min/mi!...don't know where it came from because I was dying). I crossed the finish and snatched 2nd overall female! I'm pretty sure my official finish time was 20:13, 6:30min/mi. I didn't get under 20 minutes, but I ran competitively for the first time ever and also P.R.'d on the course (ran 20:28 last year). I NEED to focus on my hill work in my NYC training. I want to run a race and say, "I kicked those hills' butts!" Hill training is a part of Hal's Advanced-2 training, so I will be doing it once every 3 weeks. I will be putting in 110% for those workouts!!

Nephew approval of the $50 prize!
So, overall, good race. I need to: (a) work on hills and (b) get under 20 minutes in my next 5K!!! I was hoping to get under 19 minutes at some point this summer, but I need to get back to 20 minutes first. I'll be doing an 8 mile easy long run tomorrow, and then my official NYC Training starts Monday!!! I'll post my first week schedule tomorrow, and also a list of races I plan on running over the 18 weeks. VERY excited to get started!! :-D