Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sunday- 18 weeks til NYC!

Had a pretty good 8 mile easy run this morning! My legs are definitely SPENT from the 5K yesterday, so I was happy to get in an easy 1:05:36, 8:12min/mi.

Today marks the final day of my rest and recovery (yes, if you've been following my blog, although I continue running in my "off" time it is just that!). In what will be a quick 18 weeks, I'll have checked off yet another phenomenonal experience from my running bucket list- the ING New York City Marathon! I'm so excited and honored to have the opportunity to be apart of such an amazing international event.

I have three main goals that I hope to accomplish at NYC:
(1) to HAVE FUN! Out of town marathons can be pretty stressful with travel, hotel stay, eating out, walking too much, overwhelming expos, and TONS AND TONS of people. This will likely be my only NYC Marathon experience, so I want to soak it in and enjoy every second of it!
(2) to run a "smart" marathon. I hope to hold a solid, consistent pace throughout the marathon at 7:30min/mi.
(3) to finish under 3:20.

I will be using Hal Higdon's Advanced-2 Marathon Training plan. You can access all of his plans on his website:  I used this plan for the Marine Corps Marathon last year and really liked it. It's definitely challenging, and I've modified it slightly to fit what works best for me. I've shifted the days I will be doing the workouts up a day (I like doing my long runs on Saturdays, so I've shifted everything up one day). I also prefer to do some form of cross-training in place of an easy run, so I'll be running 5 days a week instead of 6. I do plan on doing everything else as it's listed in the plan (including all three 20 milers. I plan on doing the Columbus Marathon in place of the final 20 miler).

I have a few "tune up" races that I will definitely be doing in my preparation for NYC:
(1) Johnnycake Jog 5 miler- 7/17/11
(2) Perfect-10 miler 8/14/11
(3) River Run 1/2 Marathon- 9/11/11
(4) Columbus Marathon- 10/16/11
**I'll likely do a few 5Ks and possibly throw another 1/2 marathon in there. But these are for sure!

Here is my run-down for Week 1:
Monday: 3xhill
Tuesday: 3 mile easy (+pilates)
Wednesday: 30 min tempo
Thursday: rest
Friday: 5 mile pace
Saturday: 10 mile
Sunday: 30 min cross-train (+pilates)

I plan on taking good care of my body throughout training. That means lots of stretching before and after my runs, eating well, reducing my alcohol consumption to beer only (no more wine/rum and diets...they destroy my body...and my decision-making hahaaa), developing a strong core and toning up my entire body, resting, and listening to my body!

I'm very excited to start this journey!! I will do my best to blog every day. Once the school year begins and I'm crazy busy, it will be a challenge. I definitely hope to help more than just myself with this marathon, so I will try hard to do stay on top of it!!

In closing and beginning yet another chapter in my running life, I'll end today's post with a beautiful quote my Mom shared with me today:

"Promise me you'll always remember...
You're BRAVER than you believe,
and STRONGER than you seem,
and SMARTER than you think"~ Christopher Robin to Pooh :-D

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