Thursday, July 14, 2011

Week 2: Thursday- J.Cake 5 miler course preview

Another beautiful day in CLE! :-)

This morning, I made it out to the course of the Johnnycake Jog to get an idea of what I'm in for Sunday. Although I ran this course last year, it's always best to get your feet on the ground again if you have the chance to. It's hard to remember specifics when you run races like a maniac, lol (...since last Johnnycake I've run 2 marathons, 4 half marathons, a 10 miler, a 5 miler, a 10 K, and 7 5K's...geeeeeeeeeez it's been a busy year!). I'm glad I got out there because I def. need to change up my initial "run stupid" race strategy. I can def. P.R. and get under 34 minutes if I run it right. It's a loop course that starts out on the Painesville side of Mentor, loops around Fairgrounds Road (smells like horse manure, YUCK!) up a few hills leading into Concord Township, then a slight decent down Johnnycake Road, and then the last two, straight-shot, flat, UNSHADED miles are on Mentor Avenue leading back to the start. The hills in the race come during the first two miles, so I'm tossing out my "run 5K pace for the first two miles" out the door. I'll stick around a 6:40min/mi, pick it up if I'm feeling it leading into the 3rd mile, and then give the painful last two miles all I got! I need to prepare myself for the mental challenges that come with the last stretch (especially considering the forecast is 90 for Sunday, YIKES!) I remember last year I ran SUPER strong for the last .5mile and I hope I have the same intensity in me this time around!!

I ran the course at what felt to be an easy pace, and I finished in 37:55, 7:35min/mi. Therefore, with a little 'UMPH' I can kick this course's butt and P.R.!!! The result predictor says I'm capable of 33:21 for the 5 miler, based on my recent 10K time. I agree that I can def. do that, but my goal will be to get under 34 minutes.

I've moved up my scheduled 11 mile long run to tomorrow so I can rest on Saturday before the race. I did my 11mile long run before the 10K a few ago and felt fine, but I'm going to see if moving it up a day helps. I will be heading up to the Tow Path for my long run...should be lovely!!

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