Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Week 1: Tuesday- Make-up Hill Work!

I'm so glad I made the decision to do my easy run yesterday and hill work today! I was feeling great and had my running "spunk" to do some good work on the pavement. The hill I decided to do my repeats on is just under 400 meters and pretty steep. I chose this hill because it has a sidewalk. So, if for some CRAZY reason something were to happen mid-run, I wouldn't end up in the way of traffic. Plus, it reminds me a lot of the infamous Heart Break Hill that comes past the 20 mile mark at the Boston Marathon. One of my favorite memories of Boston, believe it or not, was at Heart Break Hill. There were several big hills prior to Heart Break from about mile 16-20, so I didn't know what to expect with the big finale. As I was running up it, unaware that this was THEE Heart Break Hill, I saw big broken hearts chalked into the road. I thought "waiiiiiiiit is this it??" As I got to the top, I asked this guy running next to me. He was DYING and looked at me and said, "Your first Boston, huh? YES IT IS!!" I started jumping up and down, dancing in the street, and ran into another guy hahaaaaa. He wasn't mad though...it was very clear I was an over-eager first-timer!! But, WOW that was the best feeling of accomplishment! I pretty much danced/ran my way to the finish line. It was so much fun :-)...probably could have pushed a little more for a better time, but oh well!
Okay, back to today. I did a light 1.5 mile jog to the hill, and then got the ball rolling. I focused mainly on my effort, not specific pace, for this workout. I pushed 110% up, and then did a light jog back. I repeated this 3 times. I definitely put out too much too soon on the hills. I started out on my first repeat around a 6:20min/mi, and finished at about a 7:00min/mi. By my third repeat, I started around a 6:40min/mi and finished at about a 7:30min/mi. After all was done, I did a light jog home. I ran a total of 5 miles.

For my next hill work out, I'm going to try to start out at a moderate pace, and then pick it up as I go. I was a little too enthusiastic today!

Tomorrow: 30 minute tempo and pilates (I'll try to do core work twice a week...I'll like toss it in where I have time! Ideally, I'll do it on my easy days).

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