Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Week 1: Wednesday- early AM tempo "runs"

I got in my 30 minute tempo run early this morning so I'd feel refreshed and alert for the chemistry test I had this afternoon. The last time I did a 6am run, I had the same problem I had today-- the runs, LITERALLY! (I said this was a candid journal...hahaa). My first AM "runs" experience was a few weeks ago, and I had to run into Phoenix coffee mid-run or else I would not have been able to finish. Today, I finished my run but it was very uncomfortable. I tried really hard to just focus on my pace, and not the discomfort, but it was nearly impossible. I did finish the 30 minutes...did a 10 minute warm up, picked up the pace to about a 6:50/7:00min/mi until about 25 minutes in, and ran an UNEASY remaining few minutes home. I think I need to start getting up WAY early for my AM runs (right now 5am is WAY early, although that is my normal wake up in the I can do it!). Tomorrow is scheduled to be a not-too-hot day, so I'm not worried about a super early run. We've been so lucky with a relatively mild summer here in CLE. I can only hope it'll stay this way!!!

I'll be tossing around my "rest" day based on when I need it. Right now, it's scheduled for Thursday. I'm going to move it to Friday and I'm going to do my 5 mile pace run tomorrow. I believe the pace run to be one of the most important workouts I do in my 18 weeks training. It trains you mentally and physically to run your MARATHON pace. I stress marathon because you don't want to get carried away...doesn't need to be faster, and certainly not slower, just marathon pace! It's on the "easier" side right now since it's only at 5 miles, but it'll pick up to 10 miles later on in my training. It's a challenging and significant workout. I like going into this workout with fresh legs, so I'll likely move my rest days back to Thursday as my training progresses.

The Chardon 5K folks took LOTS of pics Saturday! Here are a few new ones:



  1. Hi MP- Is your day off before your long run? You run hills every 3 wks? I also had to switch my day off from Friday to Wed this week. It must be nice being a teacher and having the summer off. How do you know what your marathon pace is? tks-

  2. It is nice having the summer off! It's pretty much the only time all year I actually have time to sleep. Once the school year starts, my freedom is essentially gone. :-) I love no complaints!

    Right now, my day off will be before my long run. Once my mileage picks up/school year starts, it'll likely be before my pace run. But, again, I'll toss it around based on my schedule...especially once the tune-up races start up. I'll blog on how I'll mix up my week running schedule when I'm racing to ensure I don't over-do it.

    I will do hill repeats every 3 weeks. I'll try to incorporate hills in most of my other workouts where I can.

    My goal is to run the marathon at a 7:30min/mi pace, so that is my planned pace for those workouts.

    Hope your training is going great!!! :-D