Monday, July 11, 2011

Week 2: Monday- Loveliest tempo!

I was hoping for an AM tempo run this morning because of the humid/hot conditions that were forecasted for the day. When the alarm went off at 6:45am this morning, my stomach was churning and did not feel right at all. I wanted to get in a solid tempo, and didn't want to risk a bad work out just to get it over. So I decided to hold off until the evening. This ended up being a great decision!

It was definitely a hot/humid one for most of the day, then fortunately it rained while I was in class which brought down the temperatures significantly. By the time I was able to get my run in around 6pm, it was still humid, but much cooler at 75 degrees.  Kara Goucher once said, some days you're on and you can't really explain why, and some days you're off and you can't really explain why. Well, today I was ON and I don't know why! I got in a nice 10 minute warm up around an 8:00min/mi pace, and then kicked it into gear for a few minutes at a 7:00min/mi pace, and then picked it up to about a 6:40/min-6:50min/min until 25 minutes, and then did a 5 minute cool down back home. I felt strong and focused on my run, and was overall very pleased upon completion! I covered 4.07 miles in my 30 minute tempo run.

Tomorrow, I'll be running 3 miles easy. VERY easy workout, relatively speaking of course, but I'll take it!



  1. MP, your temp runs seem to be 30 minutes all in. I normally do a 1 mile warm up at about 8/mile, do 30 at between 6:50-7:00/mile and cool down for 1 mile at about8/mile. In total I end up doing about 6 miles. Is your30 Hal Higdon's recommendation or have you modified it somewhat?

  2. I'm following Hal's 18 week Advanced-2 Marathon training plan. Early on, the tempos are scheduled at 30 minutes, but will increase to 35 min, 40 min, 45 min, and then level off at 50 minutes at week 13. I stick pretty close to Hal's schedule. The only thing I modify is one of my easy run days to cross-training, and I'll shuffle the workouts around throughout the week. But otherwise, I'm right on with Hal. Some advanced marathoners feel the mileage in the first few weeks is too low and add in a few miles to their workouts. Although I agree that it is pretty low right now, I stick to it. Less is more, especially when the marathon is still over four months away!!