Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Week 2: Tuesday- 3 easy miles

Yep, easy miles! These first few weeks are a nice ease into the intensity of advanced marathon training. I ran 3 easy miles around my neighborhood, and although the miles were easy, it was a pretty hot/humid afternoon. The run would have been much better had I done it earlier in the morning or later in the evening. I ran it in 22:51, 7:37min/mi. Slightly faster than the 8 minutes pace I'd like for my easy runs, but with the low mileage I'll give myself the pass! I did some pilates after, and am feeling awesome. I feel toned and strong...and it's only the beginning of my training!!

Throughout my run this afternoon, I was brainstorming my "plan of attack" for my upcoming 5 mile race this weekend. It's a very competitive race with lots of 5:30min/mi ladies that I aspire to run like at some point in my running career. But, I'm far from there right now so I'll just be admiring them at the start line...and that's about it! :-) I'm planning on substituting my 4X800 track workout scheduled for Monday with this race. Each repeat is scheduled to be at 5K pace(~6:20min/mi) which is not my intended pace for the 5 miler (~6:40min/mi). SO, I've decided to run a less-than-smart race (ehHhHhM STUPID ehhHhHm) and run the first two miles at 5K pace. Then, I'll do whatever I have left for the last 3 miles. I care more about getting in a good track workout then a good 5 mile race, so I'll sacrifice and potentially look like an idiot. :-D

Tomorrow, I have a 3 mile pace workout. I'm getting up early (NO MATTER HOW I FEEL!) and getting it in before class. My plan is to stick around a 7:30min/mi...but we shall see what happens there! :-)

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