Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Week 2: Wednesday- Feelin' impulsive!

Although I planned on running early this morning, I had difficulty sleeping last night. I have a lot on my mind! As a result, I woke up this morning feeling "blah," to say the least, and just wanted to hold off until later in the day. I went to class/lab, met up with my sisters for dinner, and it was cool and beautiful outside when it came time for my run later in the evening! I contemplated being spontaneous, totally going off schedule, and running to Ohio City and back (about 20 miles). I really just need some running therapy right now, and nothing clears my head quite like a nice long run. I decided, although it would be fun, it was not a good choice, lol. So, I stuck with my originally scheduled 3 mile pace workout and followed it with a lonnnnnnnnnnnnng walk. The run went well, finished 21:26, and I averaged a 7:09min/mi. These 3 milers are such a piece of cake. :-)

Tomorrow, I'll be heading out to Mentor to pick up my race packet, and also to preview the race course. I'm scheduled a 5 mile "however you feel" run, so I'm going to just run the course!

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