Monday, July 18, 2011

Week 3: Monday- easy 3 and feelin' good!

Feeling uncomfortably good today. No muscle soreness. No exhaustion. No overeating desires. Just feelin' good! Obviously, this indicates I could have put out a little more at the race yesterday. However, the reality is, I really couldn't have. With the heat, 33:55 was all I I'm not sweatin' it (now...but I was, literally, yesterday haaaaaaaaaaa).

The temps were crazy high in the 90s again today! I had some chem homework to get done this morning, so I planned on a night run. There ended up being a moderate temperature decrease to about 80 around 6ish, so I got my run in then. It was awesome!! I challenged myself with a tough 3 mile course (gotta love the Lil Italy hills!), and it went quite well. It was comfortable and relaxing...a good transition after a race. I finished in 23:21, 7:47min/mi. I did lots of stretching and Pilates after.

I def. want to get in a 5K this weekend, since it's a step-back with my long run. There are a couple to choose from, and right now the Strongsville Cleveland Clinic 5K on Saturday is most appealing. That way, I can just drive over to the Tow Path for my 8 miler after. But, I'm playing the entire weekend by ear...we'll see what happens!!

My plan for this 5K is to: (a) get back under 20 minutes (b) possibly P.R. <under 19:38> (c) run without my Ipod. I've become SO attached to running with my Ipod. I think it serves its purpose while I'm doing my training runs and when I'm running marathons, but it has some disadvantages in short-distance races. I honestly don't even listen to it when I run fast races. In fact, my test for being "off" in a race is when I start paying attention to the music! Plus, my headphones always seem to want to fall off when it's windy, and it just ends up frustrating me adjusting them. So, I'll give it a Ipod for my 5K this weekend!


  1. If it makes you feel any better. I wear headphones for races and don't lisen to it either. I don't know what I am thinking about or maybe just concentrating really hard but I hardly ever find myself listening to it. For the Shot in the Dark I didn't take them and I didn't even notice. I think I may too do all my long runs iPodless

  2. I did my first ipodless speed session today!! I'll blog about it later, lol! Question- did other people's breathing distract u at all while racing?? I think that will be the biggest adjustment for me.