Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Week 5: Wednesday: Marathon state of mind!!

SO happy to announce that from this day forth, I will no longer be running around chemistry homework! I had my final this afternoon and am OFFICIALLY on summer break!! WOO HOOOOOOO!!! There’s only a few weeks left, and I’ll likely be up at school getting my classroom ready by the end of the week, LOL…but I’m happy for a few weeks of some freedom!

I made my 3 mile pace run scheduled for today an evening run, hoping to catch the rain. Seriously, I LOVEEEEEE running in the hot summer rain!!! It’s so much fun, and I’m always guaranteed an awesome workout. Unfortunately, I missed the rain but fortunately, it was cool and breezy which made for good running conditions to get in a solid pace workout! I really wanted to stay as close as possible to 7:30min/mi throughout the run. My legs have been too spunky lately from all of the 5k races I’ve run this summer, and I need to get myself marathon-focused. A 7:30 pace just doesn’t feel natural yet, but I’m getting there. I tend to go on and on about how important these pace workouts are, but they are!! Your mind needs just as much training as your body does, and this is such a great mental workout. My brain is telling me “anything over a 7:00 is SLOW” and I get very jittery when I run pace workouts slower than that. But, the reality is I’m DEF. not ready for a marathon that fast yet. I need to CHILL, be patient, and stick to 7:30!! I need to keep a marathon state of mind!

I finished 21:19, 7:06min/mi and did some Pilates after while my muscles were still warmed up. I followed this with a nutritious dinner: salad with mixed greens, red onions, and tomatoes,  whole grain pilaf with black beans, corn, and green beans, and some whole wheat pita chips and salsa. Once all of this digests, I’m planning on getting in some more Pilates!

Tomorrow, I have a comfortable 7 mile run. I’m planning on sticking around an 8:00min/mi pace. This is not a pace workout this week, but it will be next Thursday.

OH, and FYI, the official results came in from the Wigs For Kids 5K Saturday. My time was 20:01, just 2 seconds from my goal!!! AHHHH!…I'm happy for the time considering the challenges on the course, but still it's digging at me!! But, as much as I’d like to get in a 5K Saturday to knock out my goal (there are several flat 5Ks on the Hermes agenda this weekend and it’s been A WHILE since I’ve run a flat race…), I don’t think it’s a good idea. I need to get in a solid 14 miles this weekend, and I don’t want it to be on tired legs. But, HmMmMmM……;-)

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