Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Week 6: Mon/Wed- Don't Let it Get Away!

I’m glad to know that so many are enjoying reading my blog! :-) I started blogging for all that have been curious about my running, and it has turned into a cathartic method of reflection for me! Apparently, even Humidity reads my blog and has seemingly got the message to go away!! The weather has been glorioussssssss the past few days which has greatly helped ensure that I get in some quality workouts! It’s also served as a reminder that Fall never forgets us and is right around the corner. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Fall because, in no particular order: 

(a) it signifies the beginning of a new school year and I’m a nerdy teacher in love with her job
(b) I can wear all of my long-sleeve t-shirts and track jackets I’m obsessed with
(c) the trees just look so pretty when they change colors
(d) the CLE BROWNS are back in action!
(e) perrrrrrfect running weather 
(f) it’s marathon season!! 
I could probably come up with about a thousand reasons I love fall but who really cares, right?? ;-) (ohhh one more:  I will be 29 this fall, last year of the 25-29 age group…YIKES!!) 

Monday I hit the track for 5X800. I decided to walk to the track, and on my way there saw the street blocked off by the police. I assumed this was a crime scene investigation and turned around (CLE, although beautiful, has some safety issues, LOL), and then a cop got out of his car and told me it was okay to walk through. He informed me that they were shooting a movie! I kept walking, and saw one of the houses at the end of the street was FILLED with huge lights and tents! It was a legit movie set. VERY cool stuff going on in CLE lately! Once I got to the track, I did a 1 mile warm -up and then got started.  My focus going into the workout was to stick around a 6:20 pace, not much faster or slower, and to keep it for the entire 800 meters. On the first repeat, as usual, I was a little too spunky and pounded it out under 6:00. The second and third were my most comfortable around a 6:10, and the fourth and fifth were the most challenging, still around 6:10. I wish my Garmin functioned with my computer so I could analyze my runs a bit more (actually, maybe it’s a blessing in disguise, LOL…I tend to be a bit over-analytical in most aspects of my life if you haven’t caught on already heeee). Overall, GREAT track workout. I felt strong, in control of my breathing and pace, and not overly spent on my cool down walk home! 

Tuesday was an easy 3 miles 23:21, 7: 47min/mi. It was a great run to relax and enjoy the scenery. Unfortunately though, the abrasion on the back of my right ankle cut open and bled EVERYWHERE again. It’s so disgusting and annoying. It’s fine with a Band-aid some days, and a HOT MESS other days. The pain is manageable, but the blood is just nasty. YUCK!  I cleaned up the mess and finished with some Pilates.

The weather today was amaaaaaaaaazing! I’ve had some anxiety lately regarding important (but great) things approaching, and I couldn’t shake it out of my system. I didn’t want it to taint my 35 minute tempo scheduled for the day, so I got in my Pilates first. Then, I got out the door to enjoy the blissfully bEaUtIfUl day in CLE. I glanced up at the sky and felt like I was looking at Heaven. :-) The first 10 minute segment was my usual casual warm up, and then I glided into the 20 minutes and held around a 650-700ish pace, and finished with a 5 minute cool down. I didn’t feel like I ran fantastically, mainly because my mind was in a million places and it was hard to stay super focused on my pace. However, this turned out to be my best tempo! I covered 4.72 miles…the most miles I’ve covered in a tempo of this time yet! WOOP! Oh, and the ankle was in good shape at the end which made it even better!

Tomorrow morning, I’m heading into school to start to get ready for the school year. Then, I’ll be heading to the Tow Path to get in a 7 mile pace run. Initially, I wanted to keep it easy in preparation for the 10 mile race I have Sunday. But, that’s three days away….so I don’t need to sacrifice my fav. workout!  I’m super excited for the Perfect 10 miler. The weather is forecasted to be great, so it should be a good test of my long-distance racing fitness! Anything under 1:10 will make me a happy girl!

It’s a beautiful night for a run, after a BEAUTIFUL day. So, if you haven’t gotten out there yet, DO IT! Nights like tonight are guaranteed to only make your day better! What you don't have you don't need it now.What you don't know you can feel it somehow. What you don't have you don't need it now. Don't need it now. Was a beautiful day. :-)

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