Monday, August 15, 2011

Week 7: Monday- Man down...and back UP!!! :-)

For those of you recently following my blog, I had a mishap (if you will) back in March on an easy run…March Madness

Today was another mishap of much less severity… 

Originally, I was going to do some cross-training today. After I over-indulged (in a moderately gluttonous fashion BLEH) at a cookout after the race yesterday, I decided to switch plans. To detox and make myself feel better, I did my cross-training and some Pilates last night to burn off some of those calories. I’ve been eating terrible lately and I need to be more conscious of it. YUCK!
Since my workout for today was out of the way, I decided to pop in an easy 4 mile early evening run. My legs were a little stiff, but overall I woke up this morning feeling great! The endorphins must have still been kickin’ in after the Perfect 10 miler P.R. yesterday! It was perfect running weather around 7pm, so I did a little stretching and then headed out the door….

I was running up Euclid Heights, and at an easy 8:00min/mi pace, reflecting on the race from yesterday. Then, into the first .75 mile, I was crossing the street onto the sidewalk and BAM I was on the pavement. I’m not sure if I didn’t pick my foot up enough on the curb or what, but all of the sudden I was SMACKED on the ground. I’ve fallen multiple times (I’m a bit of a klutz, LOL) but this was HARD. I used my hands to break my fall, but still managed to land on my left ankle, right knee, and right hip (I don’t get it either, LOL). I sat there for a second and just took a deep breath. I was on the verge of a panic attack from the fall, and had no clue if I did any real damage to my ankle or knee.  A car was approaching a stop sign nearby, saw me fall, and also saw me sitting there. The person just drove away. :-( They didn’t even bother to roll down the window to ask if I was okay. Unbelievable. I knew I had to get up, so I slowly picked myself up and started running. My right hand was super numb but I could move it so I knew I was in the clear there. My ankle was a little sore but okay. I knew I was fine. :-) As I kept on running, I started to cry. I felt for a few seconds there my running life flash before my eyes, which I know sounds a bit dramatic, but it was very scary. Plus, it breaks my heart to know that someone could be so careless of another human being.  I think that’s what hurt me the most… :-( I know I’m too sensitive, but even writing this out is making me tear up…

The good news is, I was able to finish up all four miles right on my easy pace: 31:59, 8:00min/mi. I’ve gotten freakishly good at staying on my easy pace!!  The bad news is my ankle is pretty swollen, my knee is banged up, and my right hand hurts a lot.  I also have a bruise on my right elbow that is making my arm hurt, too. GRRRR.  I tried to do some Pilates, but it was just not a happening. I’ll have to do some extra Pilates later on this week to make up for it.

I have 5Xhill tomorrow which I should be fine for. I’m going to make this an evening run as well because I will be up at school in the A.M. Fingers crossed I’m okay!!!!

I guess I should have stuck to my cross-training today. I don’t know what it is about these easy runs!!

Oh...and today is another example of why everyone should have Road ID!!! They used my story as testimonial for their product hahaaaa!: MP's Road ID testimonial

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  1. OUch ouch ouch. Falling while running is no fun :(