Thursday, August 18, 2011

Week 7: Wednesday/Thursday- Battling the Elements

What does not kill me makes me stronger. Although this Nietzsche quote is most certainly trite, I’ve been reminding myself of it as life’s challenges seem to be coming at an accelerating pace these past few days!! I have a great deal of things on my plate, in my personal, professional, and running life, and I’m trying with all of my power to avoid freaking out. Whenever I feel this way, I always think of one of the most hilariously, funny dudes in the world that always makes me smile no matter what:

...I can absolutely relate to that scene hahaaaaaaaaa!

Okay, so I think I've done enough whining about my fall Monday night so I won’t go on about that too much, LOL. However, Wednesday I was definitely STILL feeling the aftermath from it. My ankle, although still swollen, healed quickly. THANK GOD! My arms were still super sore, but I’ll take it. My body was still overall hurtin', but I was feeling better. GEEEZ, is this a preview of getting old??? Hahaaaaaa YIKES! 

I was not allowing ANY circumstances to prevent me from having a quality tempo Wednesday, so I decided to bump it to late afternoon. I figured my muscles would be warmed up by then and I’d be ready to rock it. Around 4pm, I did some Pilates. I took a glance at the TV after I finished, and noticed my peripheral vision was going. I didn’t think anything of it, until I looked at my computer and noticed it was getting worse.  At that point, I knew what I was in for…ANOTHER FREAKING MIGRAINE!!! AhHhHh I had a pretty bad migraine about a month ago, and I don’t typically have migraines this often. I was hoping I could just ignore it and mentally block it out. But once I got my running shoes on and set my Garmin, I glanced in the mirror and realized I couldn’t fully see my face. :-( My biggest regret from my black-out back in March was that I knew before I left for my run that day that I wasn’t feeling right. I DEF. knew I was in for the real thing with this migraine, so I grabbed a cold wash cloth for my head, shut off the lights in my bedroom, cranked on the A.C, and 3 hours later it was over. Absolutely the right decision! But, GOSH, nothing stops me like those migraines. I’m in excruciating pain, like an ice cream headache that just won’t go away, and completely debilitated until it passes. AHHHHHHHH. But the good news is, it ALWAYS passes! :-)

Post-migraine, my stomach was feeling pretty raw. It’s similar to the feeling  of riding a spinning amusement park ride. I knew I had to eat something, so I had a rice bowl from Liquid Planet (DELICIOUSSSSSSSS!). I gave myself about an hour to let it digest, and then headed out for a night 40 minute tempo run. It was BEAUTIFUL outside. The temperature was in the low 70s (or so it felt), there was a nice breeze, and the humidity was low. I did a 15 minute warm-up, and then picked up the pace gradually until I hit 6:50 and maintained that until 35 minutes in, and then finished with a 5 minute cool down. I covered 5.43 miles. I’m LOVVVVVVVVVVING these tempos!!!  The conditions were great to make this an awesome workout, and I feel that I made up for my sub-par hill workout yesterday. WOO HOO!! 

Today, I was planning on an early afternoon 8 mile pace run.  However, it was in the upper 80s and a little humid (relatively speaking, it’s been SIGNIFICANTLY worse this summer) around 2pm. My stomach was still queasy from the migraine, so I decided my best bet to make this a good workout was to hold off until the sun went down.  Especially considering the success I had with my tempo last night, I figured it’d pay off to wait. I had some pretzels and two Kashi cookies before heading out around 7:30pm for my run. If I could do it again, I would have just had dinner first. My energy level for the entire run was just lacking. Plus, I decided in advance to make this run challenging....and I never back down from a challenge! :-)

I planned to run down Cedar Hill, up MLK to the VA hospital, around Case up to Little Italy, up Coventry to Fairmount, and then back home. YEP, that’s a WHOLE LOT of Ups! The first 1.5 miles were mostly downhill, so it was a good warm-up and I was right around a 7:10ish mile. This is a bit faster than my goal pace (7:30) for this workout, but I knew I’d be losing some time on the up hills so I wasn’t stressin’ over it! From mile 1.5 through mile 6, I was pretty much completely going up in elevation. There were points that were more dramatic than others, like the steep hills at the VA hospital, Little Italy, and Coventry. But overall, I was going UP and it was TOUGH to maintain my pace! I def. let myself slip on the steep hills and tried to make up for time lost on the more flat parts. Once I reached mile 6 I knew I was way behind pace and needed to pick it up if I wanted to average 7:30 for this workout.  I ran mile 6 around a 7:00 pace, and mile 7 around a 6:50 pace. My Garmin showed 52:55-ish after mile 7. I had one more mile to go, and needed to make sure I stayed under 7:05 in order to meet my goal. I ran this mile hard, despite being SUPER dehydrated and pushing on rolling hills. Although the sun went down, it was sticky and humid…far from the gorgeous conditions of yesterday. I was running in front of cars (like a moron) because I didn’t want anything to prevent me from hitting my goal. AND I SNATCHED IT! I finished in 59:42, a 7:28min/mi average. Although I didn’t run an even 7:30 pace, I’m definitely happy with my strategy. I didn’t overextend myself or get caught up in negative thoughts with the tough parts of the course, which happened to be the majority of the course. I picked the pace up when the time was right, and was able to finish strong. No complaints from me today!! I’m happy with my effort and strategy. The crazy part is after I walked into my apartment, suddenly lightning struck and a HUGE hail storm came down! VERY SCARY! I'm SO glad I didn't get stuck in that...that's dangerous beyond what I'm willing to run in!

Tomorrow is a well-deserved rest day. I haven’t had a day off since the race Sunday, and considering the week I’ve had I’m looking forward to it!! Saturday I have 16 miles on the Tow Path with my friend Jen! I want to stick around an 8:00min/mi, and maybe pick it up for the last four miles if I’m vibin’ it. 

Ohhhhhhhh and here are some extra pics from the rainy Perfect 10 miler Sunday!

Remember to always listen to your body, and also that what does not kill you makes you stronger. : -D

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