Monday, August 29, 2011

Week 8: Fogetta Bout It!

WOW. It’s been a while!! Last week was my transition back to school week and was quite chaotic… to say the least! I was back to work officially Tuesday, and back with kiddos Thursday. I absolutely love my job, so my heart is happy. However, being on my feet literally all day (maybe off for my 30 minute lunch break) is making my legs not so happy. Additionally, I had a million personal things going on last week (including two nephew bdays!!! So blessed!!)  so I have had just enough time to squeeze in my workouts. They were the “get it done and go” types. Those are the worst. :-( Plus, I was living on a trucker’s diet and couldn’t manage a full night’s sleep. This left me with about a quarter-tank of energy to get me through my runs. AHHHH!

My 40 minute tempo Monday wasn’t too awful, and I covered 5.27 miles. However, I had a PB&J sandwich about an hour before the run which wasn’t too wise (PB is high in protein and fat and requires a lot of time for digestion. Yes, I’m a nerdy science teacher haaa :-) and resulted in some feelings of nausea. But I was able to maintain a 6:50ish-7:00ish pace regardless so no complaints here! Tuesday was an easy 4 averaging a 7:50 pace, and Wednesday was a difficult (should have been a breeze) 3 mile pace run. I was just feeling totally shot, but still maintained a 7:22 average. 

I made it all the way through my 8 mile easy run Thursday, but it was a tough start, middle, and end. I was just mentally and physically exhausted. I completed it though, 1:05:14, averaging an 8:09min/mi. As soon as I got home and hit the coach I thought, “How the heck have I done this for 6 marathons???” I always seem to forget how hard it is! I was SO grateful for my “rest” day Friday, although I didn’t get home that night  until 10:30! AHHHHH!

By the time my long run came Saturday, I was half way done with my quarter-tank and was nervous about how I was going to make it happen. My carbo-loading consisted of ice cream cake and pizza the night before, which was beyond ridiculous and irresponsible on my part. But, it just looked SO good! Needless to say, my 17 miler took the hit on this one. I decided to run my challenge course (TOTALLY beyond ridiculous and irresponsible) down to Brown’s Stadium and back up. I really just had too much on my mind to think this one through. Actually, I’m giving myself too much credit. The truth is I’m just a moron that makes lots of mistakes when I don’t think things through hahahaa!  Just keepin’ it real here. :-)

The first 8 miles were great, and I was right around a 7:55ish-8ish pace. Once I started the loop back, I rolled my left ankle AGAIN. I caught my fall and it wasn’t too much of a big deal, but I think it was a sign of what was to come. By mile 13, I literally had nothing left. I hit the wall in the worst way, and was doing all I could to just keep my legs moving. I had a gel at mile 8, and I couldn’t feel any of the effects of it. My gas light was ON and I knew it was going to be difficult to make it home without breaking down. As I could sense my potential car wreck status, I started getting careless and sloppy and dropped my bottle of water TWICE. I was therefore low on supply, and with the noon temperatures starting to increase I was making for an even worse situation for myself.  I consequently didn’t have enough water with me to give another gel a chance, so I just kept running.I finished in 2:20:10, 8:15min/mi. I suppose that isn’t too awful considering my crazy week, my lack of responsible planning, and the blisteringly painful remaining miles of the run. So, I guess I’ll just FOGETTA BOUT IT! 

I ended up covering 37.27 miles last week, and overall have 258. 93 miles completed over the past 8 weeks. 

My Week 9 NYC Marathon Training agenda this week (based off of Hal Higdon’s Advanced-2 Marathon training plan):
Monday: 6X800
Tuesday: 4 miles easy
Wednesday: 40 minute tempo
Thursday: 9 mile pace
Friday: rest
Saturday: 19 miles (should be 12, but I have the River Run ½ marathon next week so I’m tossing up the 19 miler to this weekend)
Sunday: 40 minute cross-train

Heading out now for my 6X800 on the track! Back to HEALTHY eating and hopefully good sleeping this week!!! 10 weeks until NYC!!! :-)

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