Saturday, September 10, 2011

Week 10: Twas the night before the River Run...

“Now, here, you see, it takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place. If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast as that!” This is a quote from Alice in Wonderland that my principal shared with the teachers at a staff meeting on Thursday this week. He was relating an idea regarding the necessity of evolution of species for survival in a constantly changing environment to the need of teachers to evolve their practices in a constantly changing society. Yes, I’m a nerdy science teacher so for obvious reasons I found his motivational approach to be brilliant and inspiring, LOL. But, as I pondered more on the meaning behind this quote from a movie I saw when was I was 5  years old (…I think?), I felt a great sense of relief regarding feelings I’ve had lately that I’ve recently blogged about. I was starting to worry that maybe my inability to feel truly content with my life and this constant search I've been having for something more would eventually turn me into a sour, miserable person. But perhaps accepting life for what it is and never reaching for anything more is what would eventually turn me into a sour, miserable person. Additionally, the unexamined life isn't worth living anyways...right? So If I ever want to make the most out of my life, I have to reflect, explore, develop new goals, and open up new doors. Speaking of goals…

As I’ve struggled lately without any real concrete goals getting me to Staten Island this fall, I’ve officially decided that NYC will be my last hard-core 26.2 for at least a year. I plan to train the remaining 8 weeks with the intensity I mapped out for myself back in July, and then after NYC it’s back to running for fun. I’ll be putting the Garmin away for a while and going on runs wherever they take me!  I’m looking forward to having more time to get back into Pilate classes, and maybe Yoga...and who knows?? If I want to be the best MP I can be and keep up in world that will always be moving faster than me, I need to try something new. And HEY, maybe this is what I need to eventually become a REALLY good runner…? I guess I will just have to figure that out as I go. You have to love how life always provides you the opportunity for possibilities if you are willing to seize them. Life is GOOD. :-)

I’m finally back in the swing of things at work, and have no complaints regarding any of my workouts this week! Monday I had 6Xhill at my favorite hill in Little Italy. It was a cool day, in MAJOR contrast to the previous 90 degree disgusting 19 miler I had a few days prior. So no matter what, I was guaranteed a great workout that day! I had a few quality repeats, and a few that were a moderate bust. The good news is I had major booty muscle soreness the next day, so clearly the workout paid off!! The bad new is I’m pretty sure Sir-Mix-Alot would NOT approve, haaaaaaaaa! Tuesday was an easy 4 miles, 32:49 (8:12min pace). Wednesday was a 45 tempo that I was EXHAUSTED for, but still squeezed in. It went well, but I noticed I started wheezing 15 minutes into my 6:50 pace. I’m not sure if it was the temperature change or allergies, but I was not comfortable with it. I took deep  breaths and that seemed to help a bit. I haven’t used an inhaler for my asthma since high school, and I’d like to keep it that way!! Fortunately, there was no wheezing on my 9 miler Thursday on the Tow Path. I took it easy with the River Run ½ marathon on my weekend agenda, and ran 1:12:22, 8:02min/mi. I was feeling great and energetic, and eager to race this weekend!! Friday, I planned on an early evening 5 mile easy run. Instead, it turned into a late night 5 mile pouring rain run due to a coffee date turned dinner date and drinks with one of my favs, Jeness! There’s nothing like great company and bar food/beer to get me ready for my race this weekend! Speaking of my race…

This will be my fourth year running the River Run ½ marathon. Below is what I like to call a little trip down Memory Lane...:-)

River Run 2008; 1:57:17, 8:59min/mi

River Run 2009; 1:42:53, 7:42min/mi

River Run 2010; 1:31:27, 6:59min/mi
  This is my all-time favorite half marathon, and I seriously look forward to it all year! I don’t have any major goals this time around. Obviously, I always aim for a P.R. and hope to snatch one tomorrow. A sub 1:30 would be REALLY nice, but we’ll see what my body is vibin’ tomorrow morning. I'm running this race with my AHS friends Jen and Kasie, so no matter what it's going to be a blast! Also, I will be sporting red, white, and blue tomorrow in memory of 9-11. I will be thinking about all of those who have sacrificed their own lives, willingly and unwillingly, to ultimately provide all of us the freedom to live our best lives. I'm forever grateful. :-)


  1. I love this little recap/trip down memory lane of past River Runs. Yes I am a little behind on my blog reading, don't hate me

  2. HAHAHAAA no me too!!! I still need to catch up on your race recaps!! I'm so behind LOL! :-)