Monday, October 17, 2011

Guess What?

Chicken butt! hahaaaa NOOOOO...Just a quick lil blog entry for now that's worth while sharing...

I finished the Columbus Marathon yesterday in 3:16:02, a 7:29min/mi!!!

Still on an adrenaline high from accomplishing my goal hahahaa! One of the best running experiences I've had yet! More details to come!!! :-D :-D :-D


  1. awwe thats great! so glad Columbus was good to you!

  2. MP that is awesome! Super fast, hopefully it runs in our family ;)

  3. Thanks guys!!!

    Elizabeth-Great job to you!!! Even injured you still manage to be a top female! You are awesome!

    HAHAHAAAA Jess- Tommy is TOTALLY going to be a runner (whether or not Paul likes it hahaaa)

  4. I totally saw you zoom by me at mile 8! I was cheering on the sidelines! Can't wait to read the race report!!! SO SPEEDY! CONGRATS!!

  5. This is really impressive on your relatively low mileage training!!! Wow! Great job!

  6. Molly! Thank you so much!!!! I appreciate that!!!! Sorry I didn't see you!

    Salty- thanks you!!!!! congrats to you, too!!!