Sunday, October 9, 2011

Week 14: Long time, no blog!

Well, HELLO THERE! It’s been quite a while!
Life has been flying by full speed since August. With teaching, family gatherings, moving, wedding planning for my sis, socializing (yes, this is a priority!!) and all the while staying consistent with my marathon training, I just haven’t had any time to sit and reflect on all of the wonderful things that have been going on over the past few weeks. Gosh, where do I begin? And how the heck is it already October?
Since my rejuvenating Half Marathon back in September, my training has been right on and fantastic! Going into every workout, I’ve been keeping the fun part of running my main focus and putting the over-analytical part on the back burner.  And, to my surprise, it’s been working!!!  I’ve gotten in two solid 20 milers, the first of which at a 7:56min/mi and the second at an 8:03min/mi. I ran a 19:34, 6:19min/mi 5K P.R. at the Parma Hospital 5K a few weeks ago, my pace runs have been on, I’ve done some good speed work, and overall feel super confident going into the Columbus Marathon this upcoming weekend! My goal is to run a sub 3:20, but I’m really just excited to run my all-time favorite distance, 26.2 miles, with some awesome people! This will be my 7th marathon and I feel 110% confident although I will only be 15 weeks into my training going in.  I didn’t initially plan on running any marathons besides NYC this fall, but decided to do Cbus in place of my final 20 mile training run. I haven’t had the opportunity to run a flat, fast course since the CLE Marathon in 2010 where I ran a 3:18, so why not give Cbus a shot?  I know I have what it takes to P.R.  as long as I’m able to relax, maintain my confidence, stay consistent throughout the race, and most importantly, HAVE FUN!! Additionally, I’m just SO EXCITED to be running this with my good friends Jen, who will be qualifying for Boston, and Jeness, who will be completing her very first marathon! It’s been amazing to see the dedication and determination that both of them have given to their training, and I know they will do fantastic! They are truly phenomenal women and have inspired me to keep running this fall even when I felt that my purpose was fading. Thanks for being awesome, girls!!
I’m currently concluding a step-back week, and will be somewhat tapering next week. Since I’m still training for NYC, I still want to keep some intensity in my training this week.  I’m a little sore right now, mainly due to dancing all night last night at a family wedding!! Extra cross-training, I suppose??? Plus, I was challenged to a 1 mile race on Friday by a boy who despises running and doesn’t train, but thought he could beat me. Obviouuuuuuuuusly, I couldn’t back down. Fortunately for me, he’s cute and was an enjoyable view for my 5:47 mile. Unfortunately for me, he ran a 5:10 mile. Although it can be annoying when non-runners exploit their crazy natural talent, I'm not feeling that same vibe nor am I disappointed by the outcome. Ya gotta lose some to win some….right??? :-)
Soooooooo, I've completed 505.14 miles over the past 14 weeks. Wow I really ran that?? LOL!! Going through the motions of marathon training day after day often leaves me forgetting how much mileage I'm actually covering. I am a crazy woman. :-)
Here’s my Week 15 NYC Marathon Training Plan (modified from Hal Higdon’s Advanced-2 Marathon Training):
Monday: 4X400
Tuesday: 40 min cross-train
Wednesday: 10 miles easy
Thursday: 40 minute tempo
Friday: 5 miles easy
Saturday: rest
Sunday: Columbus Marathon!!!
I’ll hopefully have some time this week to blog my race plan for this weekend. In general, I’m hoping to stick to 7:30 for most of the race, and hopefully kick into gear for the last (BEST!) 6 miles of the race. I can’t wait!!!! OH and just 4 weeks until the NYC Marathon!!!!  SO MANY FUN THINGS TO LOOK FORWARD TO!!!!
Parma Hospital 5K 1st Overall Female, WOOP!!!


  1. Oh there you are! haha j/k. Nice 5K PR, that trophy is huge, like half your size. Good Luck in Columbus, I have a feeling you are going to do great!

  2. Thanks, Jess!! HAHAAAA I know...looks kind of ridiculous!! And thanks for the well wishes!!! I'm so excited!! :-D