Friday, March 30, 2012

Not such a SweetHeart

Yesterday, I had my Table Tilt test. I was expecting it to be an “in and out” procedure, and that I’d be at the mall in no time picking out a dress for my sister’s wedding shower on Sunday. Unfortunately, it turned out different than my expectation…

When I got to the hospital, I had to get into a hospital gown, was laid on a hospital bed, and had to get an IV put in. I didn’t mind the IV so much (LOOOOVE the saline solution—always so refreshing), but was pretty annoyed with the hospital set up. I HATE THE HOSPITAL. It just brings back many bad memories for me.  I was also annoyed in that I had to re-tell the story from last week about a million times. But, I kept my head up. I figured I’d get through the test and be done with it.

SO, I took a little nap before I was wheeled back to the Table Tilt test. When they brought me back to the room, they strapped me on to a table. It was freezing cold in the room and reeked of bleach. They gave me some warm blankets, and informed me that they would be tilting the table at various angles over the hour and measuring my heart rate and blood pressure. When I began the procedure, my heart rate was around 50 and my systolic blood pressure was about 100. Then, they slowly began to tilt me and I felt no difference. Eventually, I was tilted to 80 degrees and was left at that angle for a half hour. Then, after about 20 minutes my vision started getting blurred. I ignored it initially, and didn’t think much about it. Then, I realized it was only getting worse and I could not see the dials on the clock in front of me. My body started hurting, and my head was killing me. The room that was freezing cold suddenly felt like a sauna, and I was dripping sweat. I started flipping out in fear of blacking out again. The nurses said they couldn’t let me down, but I was in full panic mode (mainly because I was scared I was going to get admitted into the hospital again, lol, and I HATE THE HOSPITAL). I pleaded with enough sincerity and they let me down. The cardiologist came in immediately and calmed me down. As I laid down on the table, my vision came back and I felt back to normal. SO what the heck happened?

Apparently, the problem is my HEART. It sucks. J It can’t maintain a steady heart rate and blood pressure. Upon increasing the tilt of the table, my heart rate shot up and blood pressure dropped significantly. At the 80 degree angle, my heart rate went up to 78 (from a normal resting 50) and my systolic blood pressure went down into the 80s (from my normal 100).  CRAZY! Who would have thought?

SO, I asked the cardiologist if any defects in my heart valves showed up in my Echo, as that is a condition in my family history. He said nothing showed up on the Echo. But, he said I will need to start taking a Beta Blocker to stabilize my  heart rate and blood pressure, and hopefully this will stop the black outs. 29 years old, 5”5” and 115 lbs, marathon runner,  and on blood pressure medication—REALLLLLY?!? He also said NO more caffeine at all whatsoever and I will be following this advice. I will miss coffee, but I would like my heart to be in good shape for the remaining years it needs to keep beating. I can have coffee in Heaven. J He also emphasized the need to increase my salt intake, and suggested I eat a lot of Mexican heheeee. He also suggested I drink Pedialyte before or while I run.

This unfortunately doesn’t rule out any potential neurological issues. SO, I will be following up with my neurologists later on in April. Until then, I will be taking the Beta Blocker and keeping my runs to easy runs. I really am enjoying it though. J

It feels good to have SOME answers, but still a bit unsettling because the cardiologist couldn’t guarantee that the Beta Blocker would prevent the black outs. Plus, there still may be an underlying neurological issue. He re-emphasized to me that medicine isn’t an exact science, but rather an art. The human body isn’t a car; it’s much more intricate and involved. I need to have patience, give a few things a try, and RELAX in the meantime. Life is too short. J

Well, as many boys would concur, looks can be deceiving--my heart is far from sweet. haaaaaaa

Fortunately, there are real sweethearts in this world-- my cutie lil nephew Benjamin:
He was smiling for my other nephew, Tommy, hahahaa how cute???? :-)

More updates to follow…next up--does my brain suck, as well?

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Curves in the road :-)

First of all, thank you VERY much for all of the kind messages, thoughts, and prayers as I’ve experienced this very challenging circumstance in my life. I can’t say thank you enough. I am SO grateful to have so many great people in my life. J THANK YOU!

Sorry for my dramatic and negative blog post from Monday. I was definitely feeling low (okay let’s be honest here…pissed OFF), and I wanted to shout it from a mountain top…but all I had was this blog! My lil blog has been a great outlet for me to share my running experiences, and it would only make sense for me to share this experience as well. This is definitely very personal for me to reveal. But if it can help someone else, then it’s worth the while!
So, I’m feeling more like myself today. For the first time in I don’t even know how long, I DO NOT HAVE A HEADACHE!!! This is likely due to the great company I had, my beautiful nephew Tommy!

Although I feel fantastic, I still recognize that the road I have been blasting down for the past few years has definitely curved. There are going to be some changes made in my normal routine, and that is okay. It really could be a lot worse…
In fact, I faced my fear Monday and went up to the fire department to retrieve the E.M.T. report. I'm not sure why I was so afraid to get it. I had almost no memory of what happened and I guess the truth scared me. When it happened last year, the situation was better kept elusive for me and I was more than willing to accept it as a fluke. Considering this is the second time this happened to me, there is no writing this off as a fluke (although I REALLY wish I could). I needed to know exactly what happened on the scene, and so off to the fire department I went…
When I walked into the fire department, I was welcomed with a big “HEY HOW ARE YA?!?!?” I had to apologize to them immediately because my memory from the incident was so vague and I could not distinctly remember them. UGH! They were very nice, and kindly explained to me the details of the incident. My last memory was about a mile from the scene. L According to the paramedics, I went unconscious at the top of a hill near a bowling alley and rolled down 40 feet until the bottom of the hill. The people from the bowling alley were kind enough to tend to me with ice and water, and also called 911 reporting me as a teenager that was confused and that had fallen. HA! The paramedics said they were expecting to find a teenager that had O.D.’ed from the conversation they had with the people that found me, LOL, but they were clearly in for a surprise! They said I was lethargic at the scene, couldn’t remember what I had done that day, or what brought me to that location. Then, as they continued talking to me, I came around and was able to tell them that the same thing happened last year and consented to going to the hospital. I remember coming around like the memory of a dream; not in complete detail but a vague general idea. I asked them what they thought happened, and they said that it definitely appeared that I had a seizure. L They said I was clearly in the post-ictal stage when they had found me. My blood sugar level was normal, my electrolytes were in balance, and my heart rate was elevated but likely in response to the situation. They said I was completely covered in mud, and all I was really concerned about was that I hurt my ankle, LOL. That sounds like me. J I left the fire department with peace of mind. I don’t want to admit it, but being stubborn beyond this point is illogical and ignorant. It is what it is…I had a seizure. L
SO, I drove to the cardiologist after my visit to the fire department. The cardiologist set me up for a Table Tilt Test for tomorrow, which he is convinced I will pass with flying colors. I have a low heart rate, low blood pressure, and a well-conditioned SUPER fly heart. J It’s clearly a neurological issue, but we need to cross off everything on the list of potential causes. He did tell me I need to quit the coffee, and also said I need to quit the crazy amount of vitamins I take. I am a naturally hyper, spastic, high-energy gal…I really don’t need coffee. BUT I LOVE IT. A LOT. SO, I’m cutting back…but I’m not sure I want to quit. I know I can, but I love it oh so much. J I’m still hanging on to the vitamins, too (did I say I was stubborn?). Before I left, he held my hand and said, “This too shall pass…” A cliché saying for certain, but it was exactly what I needed to hear. He’s a special doctor. J
I have run since the incident. ONLY on a treadmill at an EASY pace and NOTHING more than 4 miles. I’m not an idiot, and am well aware that there is a problem that needs to be solved. I will be seeing an epilepsy specialist recommended by the neurologist from the hospital, and additionally I will be seeing a very renowned epilepsy specialist at the Cleveland Clinic. I’m not messing around here. I’m 29 years old, with a lot of years left to go. I need to get to the bottom of this seizure business, and hopefully knock out my migraine issue as well. More updates to follow…
SO running, what’s my plan for YOU? I’m definitely out for Boston. In the midst of my anger and frustration Monday, I contemplated run-walking it. Until I know what’s wrong with me,  that would be ridiculous. I definitely won’t be running the full Cleveland Marathon as planned, but we’ll see about the ½ marathon. My sis is running it, and I’d love to pace her. But, I would have to pay an extra $20 fee to switch and I'm not sure I want to put in anymore money for running. For right now, I’m LOVING taking it easy on my runs. It’s helping me remember why l love running in the first place.

Life is very weird. And, usually it’s unfair. But, God is the ultimate decider of the direction our lives are meant to go in. I’m excited to see the doors that will open as my racing door needs to close for now. God wants me to stick around for a while, which is evident by the location that these seizures have taken place. Had I ended up in the wrong hands, this could be a very different story. Life is by no means a straight-flat road, and would certainly be boring if it were. So, I'm going with the curves and hills on this road called life. As uncomfortable and challenging as this stretch of the road may be,  I know I will come out on top. That's just the kind of gal I am. :)

More updates to follow...

Monday, March 26, 2012


It’s been five days since my accident. I ran for the first time yesterday for 3 miles on the treadmill. I’m now way off my training plan, and have officially said good bye to the Boston Marathon this spring. As my intention for this blog was to be candid about my running experiences, the highs, the lows, and the in-betweens, I suppose I should be honest about how I’m feeling at this very moment. If anything, I hope the account of my experience helps someone else who may be going through a similar issue, whether it be a physical injury, personal circumstance, or what have you.

If I could sum up my emotions in one word, suffice it to say I’m “FRUSTRATED.” My body is in great shape, I feel fine, my blood-oxygen level is amazing, and my blood pressure is low. I have everything booked for the Boston Marathon, was planning on running a ½ marathon in Pittsburg next weekend, and was going to rock out the Cleveland Marathon this May. Now, all of these plans have literally been flushed down the drain (and lots of $$$ that went along with those plans) all because of some ambiguous problem of maintaining consciousness while I run. The most frustrating part of this is the “ambiguity.” I wish there was a concrete reason (not that I by ANY MEANS want anything to be wrong with me) so I can do something about it, besides sitting around pondering what it “could” be and arguing with doctors and loved ones about taking medication based on symptom-derived hypotheses.  Simply FRUSTRATING.

For as many supportive people there are in my life, I can’t explain why I feel so incredibly alone right now. Running has always been my sanctuary. It’s helped to give me confidence, and been my mental sounding board. I have found ease in not talking about or confronting the things that bother me in my life, but instead turning to running for miles and mile. Through running, somehow all the pieces would come together for me. I know this is NOT the end of the road for me with running. In fact, no doctor has told me I can’t run any more. It’s just suggested that I run with a partner or on a treadmill at a gym. But, the problem is that I know my body and feel that something is definitely not right. Unfortunately, I also know that running, for whatever reason, brings out the worst in whatever imbalance there is in my body. TOTALLY FRUSTRATING. :-(

I’m sorry for the negative blog post. I know things could be A LOT WORSE in my life, and I have SO MUCH to be grateful for. But, for right now, I want to be honest about my feelings…so if anything, maybe my stinky experience may help someone else…

More updates to follow…I will be seeing a cardiologist today…

Saturday, March 24, 2012

One day at a time...

Any moment now, I’m going to wake up from this dream that has extended for days now. I’m still in disbelief, and unwilling to accept reality. Maybe I have reached my running peak? Maybe now is the time to put away the Garmin and go back to running how I used to—for pure enjoyment? Maybe I will be devastated for a while? Maybe I will gain a few pounds? …and, maybe,  just maybe I will be okay…?

Why have I been pondering these questions over the past few days? Unfortunately, I had another experience similar to the experience I had a year ago—I blacked out on my run. This time, my memory cut out about a mile away from the scene of the accident. And, this time, I unconsciously went tumbling down a hill. All I remember is waking up to the presence of paramedics talking LOUD in my ear, heading to the E.R., and seeing the panicked faces of my family at the hospital. I was completely disoriented this time around, with no real sense of what was going on. I was in a neck brace, with no recollection of falling or what could have possibly happened to me. I begged to use the restroom, and when I saw myself in the mirror I broke down hysterically crying. I couldn’t believe the mess I made of my face, and I could NOT understand why I couldn’t remember a thing. Then, <warning…EMBARASSING ADMISSION...warning> as I went to use the restroom, I realized I completely lost all control of my body <need I say more>. I was FREAAAAAAKED out. I had no memory of when that could have possibly happened. I knew at that moment something was really wrong with me.

To save a bunch of boring details, I was stuck in the hospital Wednesday and Thursday night, and wasn’t released until about 5pm Friday. I saw a primary care doctor, nurse practitioner, neurologist, and cardiologist. I had an EEG, several MRIs, CT scans, and an ECHO. All came back negative. However, my prolactin levels were high (which is abnormal without nursing a baby, LOL, but common post-seizure), and with correlation of my symptoms, was enough for these doctors to say I had a seizure.  I’m still not completely convinced (maybe just in denial), so I will be doing several follow ups next week.  Plus, I’m still waiting on the E.M.T. report from the Fire Dept which will be an interesting read considering I remember very little from the incident.

But, what does this mean for running this spring? Considering this is the second time this has happened and it’s been running induced, it would be selfish of me to continue with my training. I have accomplished A LOT with my running, but where do I really planning on going with all of this? I don’t even really have any goals for myself any more—no specific marathons I want to run, qualifying for Boston is no longer a challenge—I’m just going with the motions I’ve been moving in for the past few years. I think this is the time to tone it down, BIG TIME. Until I get to the bottom of what is going on with my body, I cannot keep pushing myself the way I have been.  I’m going to try to switch to the Cleveland Half Marathon instead of the full, so I can run it with my little sister who is planning on running it. I definitely won’t be running Boston this spring. This is the toughest pill for me to swallow. I was REALLY looking forward to it. I already have my gear purchased, flight booked, and my good friend Amy waiting to cheer me on. However, it just would be FOOLISH to attempt to run a super challenging marathon by myself in another state with something clearly wrong with me unidentified. L

SO, until further notice, I will be running 110% COMPLETELY ON FEEL. If I feel like it, I will do it—If I don’t feel like it, I won’t. I haven’t run since Wednesday.  That’s 3 days in a row without running…the longest I’ve gone in YEARS (no joke).

Things could always be worse, and I’m grateful for a whole lot. Mainly, I am so grateful for the people in my life. I am so blessed to have such loving and supportive family and friends. I love you all, and appreciate all of your kind words, thoughts, and prayers as I’m dealing with this very difficult circumstance in my life.

Maybe this time off will be permanent…or temporary and I’ll come back kicking everyone’s butts…or who knows. But time off is what I owe to everyone right now--most importantly, to myself.
I'm just going to take this all one day at a time...

Sunday, March 11, 2012

I've Got The Magic In Me-- St. Malachi 5 miler

...Now everybody wants some presto MAGIC, MAGIC, MAGIC!

WOO HOO! I’m still on a high from this fantastic weekend.  In between racing, a 17 mile long run, and my lil bro’s 21st birthday celebration, I’m not sure how I made it through this weekend in one piece. But, I did…and March Madness has only begun!

The days leading into this weekend were difficult.  My allergies were bothering me and my legs had not recovered properly from my previous weekend workouts. Additionally, I was just feeling lethargic, finding difficulty getting motivated to push the pace, and feeling overall pretty crabby. I had to work uncharacteristically hard to get myself psyched.  By midweek, I was falling apart. Wednesday, I went out for an easy 8 miler and felt terrible pretty much the entire time. Although it was gorgeous out, it was SO windy which wasn't helping. I just felt “off” the entire time, and started feeling like I was going to pass out into about mile 3. I felt very out of it, and was really worried I was going to go down similar to how I did last year. I forced myself to stay in focus, thinking about each step and keeping my head up. When I finally got home, I ate dinner right away hoping that would help. I still felt that loopy feeling and very irritable. I didn’t feel like myself at all. WEIRD. I made sure to get to bed early that night, hoping that my Thursday 3 mile pace run would be better. I decided to do this run on the treadmill, thinking that the extreme wind resistance I was doing on my recent runs may have been causing the problem. Although I made it through all 3 miles on pace (7:15min/mi), I felt the SAME way I did the day prior. I drove immediately to Giant Eagle after my run, and bought a TON of food to have a BIG dinner that night. I was thinking that maybe there was a deficiency in my diet that may have been causing the problem.  I definitely overindulged, especially on the salty foods, but felt SO MUCH better on Friday.  I don’t know what it was, but I’m SO glad I was able to snap out of it!

SO, going into the St. Malachi 5 miler on Saturday I was a little nervous regarding what I should put out. I didn’t want to hold back, but wasn’t sure what I really had in me. I was REALLY excited to run the race mainly because one of my besties, Jeness, was running it as well. With Jeness being there, I knew regardless of the outcome I was bound to have a great time!!!
Jeness and me pre-race!

Plus, St. Malachi never fails to be an awesome experience. The atmosphere is always filled with fun, Irish spirit, and rain or shine I never walk away disappointed. The course is challenging  but very interesting in that it winds around Downtown Cleveland. I LOVE our city, and LOVE any opportunity to run in it. This was my third shot on this challenging course, so I felt prepared for the pain.

I met Jeness about 45 minutes before the start, and we hung out in McCarthy’s to stay warm (and close to a bathroom…I swear I never have to go more than before a race, LOL). Then, as we headed towards the start with a little warm up jog, I turned my ankle in a weird way and it HURT. It was VERY cold that morning, and my legs were pretty stiff which I think is what contributed to it. I didn’t say anything to Jeness about it, because I knew discussing it would only make it worse. Fortunately, as soon as the gun went off, I forgot about it.  J

I wanted to run the race conservatively, because I totally BOMBED a 5K I ran in early February and I didn’t want that to happen again. However, the adrenaline of the crowd, the sunshine, and the BEAUTIFUL city took over me. I crossed the first mile marker around 6:12ish, and was feeling awesome. I thought I should slow down, but I decided to just kept rolling with what felt comfortable. I was passing some guys, which made me feel a bit nervous that I was going too hard. One guy shouted at me, “You’re too rich for my blood!” as I passed him. HAHA? I started laughing so hard. So much for maintaining my composure thoughout the race. J As I passed the 3 mile marker, I was at 18:57! I was SoOoO wishing at that moment I were running a 5k. That most certainly would have led to a P.R. for me. But, the race was far from over…

The fourth mile was VERY tough.  My pace definitely dropped, but I wouldn’t let myself choke. I knew I would hate myself for making it that far and running so great to throw it away when the course got tough. SO, I kept pushing…

As I was climbing through the ascent of 5 mile on the Lorain bridge, I stopped looking at my Garmin and focused on feel. I made sure there were to be no regrets regarding my effort, and just gave 110%. I passed a few chicas along the way, which I thought might help me get an age-group award. As I rounded the corner towards the finish line, I saw 32:00 on the clock. I was ECSTASTIC. My P.R. prior to this race was 33:55, so this was a BIG jump for me. I pushed, pushed, and BOOM 32:18, 6:28min/mi!!! I was so pumped to nail such a great P.R. Most importantly, I’m SO glad I was able to run with intensity, strength, and stamina. Plus, it was SO much fun running in Cleveland and got me SO excited for the marathon!!!
Crossing the finish line!

I ran back to the Lorain bridge to help Jeness finish. She also ran a strong race and nailed a P.R.! SOOOO PROUD OF HER! After words, we hit up the VERY crowded McCarthy’s for some post-race adult beverages.  I would have to say my favorite part of this race is the crowd this race generates. Not only are there phenomenal male and female runners that I aspire to be like, but also highly attractive non-runner males. HeHe...J It’s a great time.  I was able to catch up with some friends and some great runners. Unfortunately, I missed my cousin-in-law, Jess, BOO!! Until next race, Jess! Jeness and I kept it easy for the post-race celebrations considering it was early and we still had the night to look forward to...
P.R. ladies post race!

Later that night, my family surprised my youngest brother with a 21st birthday celebration! We took him to a Japanese restaurant (…and now I certainly have my salt balance in check…LOL) and went downtown to W. 6th. GOOD TIMES!!! BUT, it was a super late night with the time change and I still had 17 miles on the schedule for Sunday…

…Which turned out to be the BEST long run I’ve run this year! I got to the Tow Path around 1pm and it was GORGEOUS. It felt great to run in shorts and a t-shirt, and I think I may have gotten some sunburn! WOO HOO! I was not sore at all from the race, but definitely dehydrated from the Japanese dinner and the adult beverages. However, this was not a hindrance on my ability to maintain a solid pace throughout each mile. I ended up averaging a 7:54min/mi which I was very happy with!

This weekend was definitely the confidence booster I needed to keep me going strong throughout the remaining weeks of my marathon training.  I am feeling more ready to OWN this spring, but still have a great deal of work to do. But, everybody knows…

I’ve got the magic in me! J

Sunday, March 4, 2012

No Stopping Us Right Now :-)

7 weeks down. Just 7 weeks until Boston, and 11 weeks until Cleveland. It feels as if no time has passed, yet so much has happened. January and February are always the busiest months of the year for me at work. Commencing marathon training in the midst of it is, simply one would imagine…STRESSFUL. I've been doing my best to avoid the neglecting the things that REALLY matter, like family...
My baby nephew Tommy, MUAHHHH! :-)

However in addition to managing the stress of the new year, once again tragedies, as well as almost-tragic circumstances, have struck.  As difficult as it may be to find any answer to the question haunting most of us, “WHY?!?!”, I’ve done my best to be as supportive as possible to those around me and to focus on the positive message that underlies it all. Why this message needs to be SO incredibly LOUD I don’t understand. But, there’s no denying these tragedies reinforce the need for togetherness, empathy, compassion, and most importantly, love for one another AND ourselves. How long our life extends isn’t always up to us, but what we do while we are living IS up to us. We need to make the most of what we have, and focus on what we can do for others. It’s the little things we do that have the most significant impact. Who knows what impact something as simple as a smile can make on another? Most importantly, I think these circumstances help us better see the role of God in our lives. He opens the door for us, but we have to walk through it. Although God isn’t going to walk for us, He will be by our side the entire way. Never forget that. :-)

Okay, so despite all of the stress, how’s my training been going? Pretty good! Running has not been my primary focus, as I’ve been very busy with other things. I spent 6 days and 5 nights in Quebec in February, which turned out to be an amazing experience. I was pretty apprehensive the week leading into it, considering I was going to be chaperoning 50 middle school and high school kids. The trip began at 9pm on a Wednesday night with an overnight bus ride that led to a full day of exploration of the city of Montreal….no bed, no shower, no running. AHHH! I was so stressed prior to the trip that I ended up giving myself a MASSIVE migraine a few hours before we left. I’m a spaz. J But, as I said, the trip ended up being amazing and I did some really cool things---outdoor ice skating, dog sledding, tubing, to name a few highlights. Mainly, it was great to step outside of my comfort zone and go to a place I never would have visited otherwise. The world is a beautiful place. If there is an opportunity to see it, you must! I have a whole new perspective on many things as a result of my Quebec trip, and I’m so grateful I was able to seize that opportunity. And, no worries…I was up at 5am every morning to get my workouts in. This included a 3 mile easy run, a 3 mile pace run, a 10 miler, and an hour of cross-training, respectively. The treadmill in our hotel was terrible, AND in kilometers, but where there’s a will, there’s a way!!! Plus, I got to catch up on the hockey highlights on TSN. HAHAAAAAA! I’m pretty sure our tour guide thought I was crazy…and can you blame him??? J

I’ve been right on with my pace runs, hitting 7:15min/mi's on the pavement, and on the treadmill when the conditions have been less-than-ideal outdoors. I’ve completed 6 mile, 7 mile, and 8 mile pace runs over the past few weeks. These runs are not coming to me easily—I have to be very focused and in-tune with my pace the entire time. But, I’m successfully completing them and feel ready to P.R. at Cleveland this May. I also feel confident I will run a decent Boston, hoping to stick around 3:30. I recognize this goal is nothing fantastic, but my real goal for Boston is to enjoy the experience. It's an easy pace to get what I want out of the race without taking it too easy.
My longest long run so far was a 16 miler yesterday, which was REALLY hard. The wind gusts were up to 40mph, and I felt like I was aqua jogging  the majority of the run. I averaged an 8:09min/mi, which is over-pace for my usual 7:55-8:00min/mi long runs. But, with the intense wind, I was cautious to not over-do it. I am hoping to have a more successful 17 mile long run next weekend.
My upcoming race schedule includes the St. Malachi 5 miler on Saturday, March 10 and Just a Short Run ½ Marathon on Saturday, March 31. It doesn’t look like I’ll be able to squeeze in a 5k before Boston, but hopefully I’ll be able to get one in before Cleveland. I NEED a 5K P.R. badly. I just need to find the right day in my marathon training schedule and most importantly…the mental and physical stamina to do it. I’m still bummed about the 5K I choked in a few weeks ago. I WILL seek revenge on myself, and hopefully sooner than later!

I’ve got some hot new kicks, a positive outlook, and lots of energy going into the spring. I will try to blog more periodically than I have been, but can promise much considering March is yet another BUSY month. But, BUSY in a fun way. St. Patty’s Day is a whole month celebration for this lil Irish gal. J

To end my blog post today, it would only be appropriate to share my favorite Irish Blessing:

May the road rise up to meet you.
May the wind always be at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face,
and rains fall soft upon your fields.
And until we meet again,
May God hold you in the palm of His hand.