Friday, April 6, 2012

Happy :-D

It's only after we've lost everything that we're free to do anything. As said by psycho (but sexy) Brad Pitt in Fight Club, that quote has certainly found its way to apply to my current situation. I recognize that things could be much worse, and I certainly haven’t lost everything. But, things sure have changed a great deal for me. A little more than two weeks ago, I was coffee-obsessed and in full swing marathon training mode as I’ve been for the past three years. Now, I have followed the doctor’s orders and have completely stopped drinking coffee and am in "run as I please mode." Who would have thought, but believe or not, I’m LOVING it. Yes, that’s correct. I feel relaxed, healthy, in great shape, and open to opportunity. Apparently, I don’t need coffee and speed training so badly after all! Right now, what I am is HAPPY. J But, happiness is never something easily achieved. It’s taken some work…and will be something I will have to continue to work towards…

In fact, I have shocked myself throughout these past few weeks. Most people close to me have been worried I’d be devastated, and beating myself up for crashing and burning. And, are they on to something? Should I be locked in my room in a corner in the fetal position feeling sorry for myself? Gosh, that’d be a waste of time. J But, I'd be lying if I didn't admit that I do have frustrations. It's not fair- I’m in great shape, and have only been progressing as a better and better runner. My improvements have come in a short period of time and with no real guidance or coaching beyond myself. I have talent, I am young, and the sky is the limit. It stinks that I won’t be able to put all of this to the test this spring.

However, my crazy and dangerous black out experience, along with the subsequent diagnoses that have come as a result, have been a tremendous wake up call for me. The truth is, I am going to go nowhere FAST if I don’t follow through with what I have been saying since the incident. I NEED A BREAK.

So, my official plan is as follows: no racing AT ALL for the rest of 2012. Not even so much as a 5K. I need a break from pushing myself, because for years now I have failed to do so. Yes, I have failed. With all of my success in running, rest is where I have failed miserably. Why am I cold turkey cutting out all racing? I am too much of a perfectionist to run a race anything less than 110% of what I have, so I just need to remove myself completely for now. Then, come 2013, with full rest and recovery, I will be kicking some SERIOUS booty. I know it. Watch out 30-34 age group…MP is coming! J

In the meantime, I will NOT be discontinuing running. I will just be toning it down. I have achieved more than I ever could have imagined with running, and would not take back a thing. But, now is the time to reflect on those achievements and be proud.  I love running so much, and am so grateful for the woman I have become because of it.  As difficult as it may be for some to comprehend, it’s truly who I am. Maybe that’s odd, but it is! I’m pretty sure “runner” is one of the first words people mention when describing me. In toning it down, I will be taking it back to where I started. Before my first race EVER, the Cleveland Half Marathon in 2008, I ran ALL the time. I didn’t think much about it, I enjoyed it, and liked being in good shape. That’s what I will be sticking to for the rest of the year.  I will be running the distance that I want, the pace that I want, when I want, and with who I want. I will have time to doing more cross-training, and will hopefully get a bike for this summer. I will have more time do ANYTHING. :-)

I feel that the door for opportunity is wide open right now, and I’m excited for what I may accomplish and who I may meet. These past few weeks have been a whirlwind, but I am optimistic. I’m still on a mission to solve my black out problems, and am seeing doctors and waiting for more answers. I chose to not be devastated by the situation, but instead continue to work towards happiness. Life is much better lived happy. J


  1. Hi MP- Loved your post! Glad to hear you are remaining have so much time ahead to get back into you just need to take it easy. I started running late in life and right after the NYC Marathon and The NYC Half I'm taking a break because of plantar fasciitis. I'm doing lots of cross training. Take care and have a wonderful Easter :)

  2. Thank you!!! Hope you heal soon!! :-D