Monday, June 18, 2012

Week 2 Tow Path Marathon Run Down

I’m two weeks down from my Tow Path Marathon training. I’ve blogged periodically about my racing adventures over the past week, but this is what I’ve been doing in in the meantime:

On Monday, I had a 30 minute tempo on the schedule. I got this one in early because I had lunch/pool plans with one of my dear college friends, Melissa, and wanted to be able to enjoy the visit without the workout on my mind.  I haven't run early training runs, with the exception of my long runs, since last summer so these workouts will take some getting used to. It was a slow start and my stomach wasn’t feeling great, but once I got through my 10 minute warm-up, I was ready to roll! I stuck around a 6:40ish pace for 15 minutes, then dropped down to an easy pace all the way home. I ended up adding in 10 more easy minutes, and covered 5.07 miles in total. I followed the run up with a little strength training and pilates.

Tuesday is my designated cross-training day. I did a 1 mile easy warm up on the treadmill to get my legs loosened up, followed up by 40 minutes on the elliptical, and 20 minutes on the bike. It was an awesome workout, and I REALLY worked up a major sweat! In between the bike and elliptical, I did some crunches.

Wednesday was the Flag Day 5k. Results are finally in, and my official finish was 20:17, 6:31min/mi—one second faster than last year. Ha!

Thursday I surprisingly had no muscle soreness at all! I didn’t even feel as if I ran a 5k the night before, but still took it easy on my run. I ran 5 miles easy at an average 8:17min/mi pace. Similar to Monday, I followed up my run with some strength training and pilates.

Friday was my day of rest. Although running wasn’t on the agenda, I did lots of walking at Crocker Park in efforts to find a dress for my sister’s rehearsal dinner that is quickly approaching! Unfortunately, I was feeling pretty under the weather for whatever reason. I ended up having major stomach issues after lunch, and spent the rest of the afternoon in bed. BLEH!

Saturday was the Captain’s Charities 5k. My official finish was 19:42, 6:20 min/mi. Unfortunately, I had a MAJOR headache post-race that lead into the evening. It wasn’t a migraine, but it was definitely very uncomfortable. I really hadn't been feeling 110% all week, so I'm wondering if I had some kind of bug.

Sunday, fortunately, I awoke without a headache and was once again graced with no post-5k muscle soreness! I ran a solid 11 miles on the Tow Path. I started out easy and picked up the pace gradually throughout the run. I got in a strong finish, and averaged a 7:49min/mi in 1:26:01. I felt great throughout the run, and even better after. I felt very accomplished completing two fairly strong 5ks and getting in a long run in one week! I covered 29.27 miles this week in total. With the low early mileage as directed by Hal Higdon, now is the time to get in as many 5ks as I can!

Week 3 includes my sister wedding, so I will be one busy lady! I’ll try to blog randomly throughout the week, but can’t make any promises!

OH, and this Friday—I will be getting my first pedicure in YEARS. Yes, years. As a lady runner, I take pride in the fact that my feet are not the pretties of the bunch. Yes, pride. My feet are representative of the heart and soul I dedicate to running. I feel the same way about my booty. HA! JK--- Seriously though, as far as my feet go, I find it comical whenever I polish them. It’s like putting make up on an ugly dude. LOL. With this sentiment, I just stay away from the humiliation of getting a pedicure. But, for my sister’s wedding, I’m left with no choice. It's more of a girlie bonding experience than anything (and the guys will be bonding over golf and beers, LOL). My concern lies mainly with that big toe nail that took a turn for the worst at the CLE ½ Marathon.  It’s now on the edge of glory, literally, but is still hanging on. It definitely isn’t looking good, and I’m not sure what to do with it. Any runners out there have suggestions on what to do with damaged toe nails when getting a pedicure???  
"I can't quit you!" say the Nail to the Toe. haaaaa :-D

I think I may make that picture my facebook profile picture. I think it tells a lot more about me than my face does. Sexy and I know it. :-D I'm sure this will get me LOTS of dates this summer!! OoOoO la la--I'll let ya know how that works out for me. HA!
Happy OFFICIAL summer everyone (as of Wednesday!!!)! :-D


  1. Oh man, I just got my first black toenail after the Cleveland full! Must have been something in the water...? Probably not, but I still, and well, probably will never have a pedicure, so you're on your own with that part of it!

  2. HAHA!

    When I got new shoes at Fleet Feet last week and explained my toe issue from CLE, I was told that many runners that day earned black toenails! With the heat, our feet swelled up causing our toes to compress against our shoe. It's the perfect receipe for black toenails--UGH! Hope yours heals well!

    1. Ahhhh!! That totally makes sense! It's still hangin in there and is actually beginning to look better! I think it'll make it haha! Hope yours is doing better!