Sunday, January 5, 2014

Pictorial View of MP's 2013

Pictorial View of MP's 2013

Starting out the New Year at the CLE Aquarium with JP!

Ridiculous amounts of fun at Becca's work party at the Marriott...

...carried over to more fun on W.6th on a beautiful, snowy February night!

President Day's Weekend visiting JP in Marietta!
When the joy of  Wimmer was introduced to our lives!  Team #WIMMING!
We may have taken 71-S instead of 77-S on our way down...buttttt we made it down there for a good time eventually!

Sunday night coloring QT with Tommy!

St. Patty's Day in CLE with Ricky V...

...and our crew! Bringing out  the Irish in everyone!

Spring Break love from my nephews!

Lining up to the start at the Just a Short Run 1/2 Marathon in Pittsburgh at the end of super intimidating GAME FACE!
Got my sis to run it, too! She killed those hills (although I'm pretty sure she wanted to kill me)!!! HA!

Easter with Tommy, in his finest, which was right before...

Luke was born in April!!!

The Pavicic boys and me :-)

Picked up some extra cash for Wigs for Kids when I won the Black Squirrel 5k in Kent!

We took our talents to DC for the Nike Women's Half Marathon at the end of April!

That's me upfront in the pink! KP is right behind me.

Finishers! Still in awe that I ran side-by-side with Shalane Flanagan and Joan Benoit-Samuelson!

Posing with our Tiffany necklaces aka our finisher medals!
All sparkles!!!

The only restaurant in Marietta for JP's graduation dinner...DaaaaaaaVincis!

Candid shot. So happy for our baby brother!

Another Bachelor in our family! Haaaaa :-D

Time for the big Wigs For Kids hair donation!

Chopped it all off with my inspiration, Annie, by my side!
Stressful, toasty morning before the Cleveland Marathon!
Trying to keep it cool...
...and despite a VERY tough day with HOT temps, we did it! Sisterly love moment post-marathon. :-)
Awesome kiddos that came to support me the day after Prom! These guys are  the truest of gems!

Sister 26.2 pride! Could not have done any of this without her. So beyond blessed to have such an amazing best friend!

Marathon #11: Raised over $3,000 and donated over 12" of hair to Wigs For Kids. I'd say this 26.2 was a success!

Marathon celebratory beer...

....and shots!

Short hair...because I care! :-D

Celebrating the commencement of summer with my beautiful friend, Becca...

and the rest of the beauties! All dressed up, making the most of a rainy CLE night!
Not just family, but bestest friends celebrating our cousin's wedding. :-D

June with the Pavicic boys!

Beach time with the Modic boys!
Cedar Point fun! Tommy being his usual silly self!
Tommy taking me on my first rollercoaster in over 10 years...The Woodstock Rollercoaster! He was an expert!

Amy got married!

Celebrating the bachelorette days of my cousin-in-law, Jess!!!

Such an awesomely fun summer night!

Representing Wigs For Kids at the Senior Games in July!

Sharing our stories!

Spreading the word of the goodness of Wigs For Kids!
Could do nothing without the constant support and love from this amazing Mommy! :-)

Wrapped up the weekend meeting some pretty cool dudes...

Browns legend, Bernie Kosar!
And Cavs legend, Austin Carr!
A raining but great day for the Wigs For Kids 5k at the Zoo! First 5k for  the beautiful Hilston ladies, Conni and her daughter!

Tommy and me dancing the night away! No one will ever be able to top my wedding date for...

Jess and...
Ryan's big day! The truest of "sole"mates :-D

Groovin' with Hope and my sis-in-law, Ashley...

...and of course, my favorite person in the WORLD, Paul Pavicic, JR. :-) 

Ohio City summer lunch! Quite the interesting occasion! Love all of the laughs (and random weirdness) with my best sister-friends!

Due to my medical hiatus, this was the first year I haven't run the River Run in YEARS. But no worries, they put me on the flyer! I guess CLE can't have a race without MP in it! :-)
Ending the summer rockin' out on the river with Becca to some ACDC coverband. HA!
Alexander's first birthday!

He LOVES it when we sing "Happy Birthday."
Tommy and Benj...more birthday boys!
Luke sandwich!
As long as Aunt MP wears 'em,  Tommy rocks the Mickey Mouse ears!!

Teasing Tommy on his birthday!

I look pretty good with a 'stache...I do admit!
He looked AWESOME in the mustache, sunglasses, and watch I got him for his b-day! 3 going on 40!

The start to Year 7 of my career!

Browns' first home game!

Rockin' the arm warmers. Always sporting my running gear, one way or the other!

About to witness the Browns do what they do best---> lose, again,...and we don't care! :-D

Beautiful day in CLE. Lake Erie was glistening!

Love our matter what!

Finished up September as AkRun Marathon cheerleaders!

Proud of Jeness for accomplishing a tough feat!

Loved jumping in to help my friends finish!

I'm a GodMommy! Luke's Baptism!

GodMommy and GodDaddy with the Pavicics :-)

Anddddd thennnnnn the inevitable happened.  I turned 31. WHOA that's old!

Gorgeous October night in Ohio City to celebrate my oldness!

More celebrating! Becca turned 32. WOO! Libra ladies enjoying some birthday QT!

And then Jess turned 30! Bye-bye 20s!!!

Then, came the rainy Halloweenie!

Little Tigger stayed all cozy inside.

Despite his love for candy, Tommy, aka Spiderman, had enough of the rain and was ready to go home!

On a bitter cold, snowy November morning, JP ran his first 5 miler! The Turkey Trot downtown was a great way to start the day before...

...too much eating with the family!

Happy Thanksgiving!
Thanksgiving weekend outing with my beautiful friend Amy...
and the beautiful, newly engaged Jeness...

and we can't forget the one and only bombshell-- Becca!

GirlTime on Christmas!

Tommy looking shnazee! Santa treated him well for being such a good boy!
Bear on the look-out for some honey!

Taking a break from the Christmas madness!
That's right, Luke! Spit certainly Happens! Wise beyond his 9 months!
The ultimate Christmas gift from my bro-in-law: a hoodie representin' the CLE Metroparks, my favorite place in the world!

Ending the Holidays with some Brotherly Christmas love!!!
To finish off the great year, we celebrated New Years Eve at the Great Gatsby Gala at the Aloft downtown!
Don't know what I'd do without my baby sister!

Tons of fun saying good bye to an incredible year and HELLO to another!