Sunday, January 12, 2014

You Can't Hurry Love

The first week of my marathon training is on the verge of completion (as soon as I finish this cup of coffee)! This week has been anything but the ordinary and seems like it was a life time wrapped into 7 days, but the irregularity could do nothing to trump my mission of commencing training for my 12th marathon! Beginnings are tough and can be messy, but as the Supremes said, you can't hurry love. The marathon just further emphasizes this idea, as you can't hurry a P.R. either! This may seem like an odd comparison, but believe it or not, finding love and achieving a P.R. have a great deal in common!

After two wonderful weeks off to recharge my batteries from an incredibly busy school year, I received a call Sunday night that my vacation was going to be extended. It was a warm, rainy day and I could not fathom the possibility of a snow day, but the incoming Polar Vortex had plans of her own. Monday and Tuesday of this week were record setting cold days, and consequently schools across Northeast Ohio were closed. That being said, it had me off of my usual routine which made starting my marathon training a potential challenge. But despite the icy roads and painfully frigid temperatures, I made the trek to the gym to begin my first fartlek workout and have since pounced through my first week of training! In total I completed two speed workouts, 8X2:00 @6:20-6:00min/mi and a Pace Booster run (25:00 @ 7:00-6:55min/mi), with cross-training and an easy run in between, finished off with a treadmill 13 mile long run bringing my mileage total to a little over 35 miles this week. The week ended back with the rainy, warmth it started out with, and planning underway for the Wigs For Kids Zoo Day 5k run/walk on July 26, 2014. Save the date! It is looking like my family vacation will be falling in the way of the race this year, but I strongly encourage everyone to consider running for this awesome organization. Here is why:

Beginning marathon training can be very daunting. Living in a society where we our inundated with instant information and anything and everything we want can be given to us with the simple click of a mouse, we have grown pretty impatient. We want things fast, easy, and in a perfect package. If you happen to watch the show “The Bachelor,” this is a great example of the problem within our society as people apply the same impatience to finding love. So desperate to get married, within five minutes of meeting the incredibly attractive (okay, let's be honest...super sexy) Juan Pablo, women are throwing themselves at him in hopes of getting a rose that leads to a ring. I understand he’s a hottie, but slow down, ladies! Everyone wants to be in love, but forcing it is not going to make it happen. This rush to the end goal highlighted on this popular reality show, although extreme, is indicative of people’s behavior in everyday life. We want what we want and right away. Although it could be argued that society conditions us to be instant gratifiers, I think we need to hold ourselves responsible here. When we force square pegs into round holes, I think we take steps backwards in the plan God has sent out for us. Most good things don’t come easy and will require some work. We need to find it in ourselves to be patient, have faith in our goals, and to have no fear in the journey!

Success in the marathon is no exception and will in NO way happen instantaneously. There are 15 weeks left of dedicated training to get me where I want to go. Lots of things can happen along the way:  plans might come up to interfere with my training, I might slip on an acorn and twist my ankle, I might get the stomach flu, 7-8 hours of sleep a night might be difficult to find time for, I might get creeped on while running on the roads, muscle soreness might happen, I might lose too much weight, I might gain too much weight, etc. Taking the first few steps in the initial weeks of training can be really, really hard when looking at the uncertainty in the long road ahead. What keeps me going is the idea of getting it right at the end of the road; it seems to outweigh all of the “what ifs” that may come my way throughout my marathon training journey. So much can go wrong, but I keep going anyway.  If I expected a 3:10 marathon finish without the challenging journey to get me there, my goal would never be reached. It is intimidating, and I can understand why instant gratifiers would find difficulty taking on this type of training. Perseverance through the marathon has taught me how to persevere through the beginnings of so many obstacles in my life, and for this lesson I am eternally grateful!

This is why I think everyone should run at least one marathon in his or her life! By taking on the challenge of marathon training, perhaps people could learn to slow down, have faith and confidence in themselves, and most importantly love the journey. Imagine how much happier people would be (and the potential decline there may be in the divorce rate? ha!). Through the lessons of the marathon, we can change the world. Runners are happy people for a reason. Even if you are not ready to run it, spectate a marathon and you will see what I mean. I am fully convinced that the key to world peace is through running!

The Supremes weren't the only ones on to it. Phil Collins concurs, you can’t hurry love! Stop expecting everything to come quickly and easily, and don’t fear the long road ahead. Keep sight of your goals, follow your heart, and believe in yourself. You will get what your heart desires…eventually! 

On to Week 2. 15 weeks to go. BRING IT, TOLEDO!!! :-D

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