Monday, February 17, 2014

The Gamble

Sorry! I have fallen behind in my blogging over the past two weeks. I just haven’t had the time to sit in one place to write it all out. If you are interested in following my training day by day, feel free to follow me on Twitter @PavMP223.

These past few weeks have been really great and really tough at the same time, as I feel myself progressing and am getting that much closer towards reaching my goals despite some outside challenges along the way. When things in life get hard, making time to get in my training can be REALLY hard. The mental aspect plays a big role on the physical, and when there’s a lot on my mind it’s hard to let it go. I haven’t gotten as good of sleep as I would have liked over these weeks, and many of my workouts have just been boxes to check on my training log. But, I haven’t let it hinder my spirit! The tough times remind me why I train. Reaching for goals makes me want to bring out the best in myself. Even when things aren’t going perfectly, every step I take forward is making me a better runner, and every lesson learned makes me a better person. I think of my marathon goal, how far I’ve come and how far I want to go, and it all just feels SO worth it to me! I know shooting for a big goal at one race is a major gamble. There is so much energy and time put in for one moment. But, the gamble is what makes the challenge great. It’s what separates the “wanna-bes” from the “do-ers.” It’s what makes the marathon the spectacle that it is. I cannot wait for the spectacle at the Glass City Marathon this spring, and so I am continuing on with the gamble. Because if you don’t gamble, how can you ever win big?

Here is a re-cap of the past two weeks of my training:

Week 5:

Monday- I had a 10k effort Fartlek workout. It seemed like a breeze on paper, and therefore was a MAJOR challenge in practice. Never underestimate a workout!!! I ran 6 X 3:00 @ 6:31min/mi with 1:30 recovery. It took until the 4th interval to get into it, but once it clicked I was cruisin’ and felt great! 

Tuesday- It was a late night at school, so I was happy to have an easy day on the schedule. I did the elliptical for 30:00 and the bike for 20:00.

Wednesday- I had a 60:00 Pace Booster run. I LOVE these workouts! I did a 15:00 warm-up, 30:00 @7:09min/mi down to a 6:50min/mi, and a 15:00 cool-down. It felt great and was an awesome confidence booster!

Thursday- Easy 5 miles. I was tired and totally drained. My easy days always seem to be my hardest days! 

Friday- It was my off day, but I had a SUPER late night at school. I didn’t get home and into bed until 1:00am! I was so beyond wiped from this week.

Saturday- It was a major late start day, and was pretty all-around drained when I got to the gym. My hamstrings were super tight, I was exhausted, and facing some pretty grim news from my family veterinarian about the health of our dog, Gibson. I contemplated putting my long run off, but decided to power through to get my mind off of things. And, that’s exactly what I did! I ran 15 miles under 2:00 with a strong last mile. It was EXACTLY what I needed. I slept like a baby that night!

Sunday- 4 easy miles. My hamstrings were still super tight (not from running, but from wearing heels Friday night, UGGGGGGGGGH!).The easy miles loosened them up a bit for me. 

Week  5 mileage total-38.6 miles  Training total- 183.28 miles

Week 6:

Monday- It was a very tough day for me. My dog passed away. Coming from a long week prior and dealing with this difficult loss made concentrating on my run a major challenge. But, I did it. I had a stride workout 15 X 25 seconds starting @ 6:00min/mi down brought it down to a 5:30min/mi with 1:00 recovery. Strides on the treadmill are HORRIBLE. The constant up and go on the dial of the treadmill is just annoying! I would rather put it up and go longer (….ugh that’s what she said?!?! OOPS!)  rather than the short bursts of intensity. But, I did it! Despite the annoyance and the drain on my heart, I was able to put a big check next to this day on my workout log.

Baby Gibson---God's sweetest angel 0:-)

Tuesday- Another much needed easy day. 40:00 elliptical and 15:00 bike. I was feeling all-around drained with so much on my mind, but powered through.

Wednesday- This was a stressful day! I had to get in my workout ASAP after work to make sure I wasn’t late for my Uncle’s surprise birthday party in Little Italy. This was not easy. I literally flew out the door at work, threw on a singlet and shorts at the gym, and hopped on the mill for Fartleks at Half-Marathon effort. My stomach was queasy, but I held on to see how many intervals I could get in without running to the potty. I made it through 4! I ran off to do my business, and came back for the remaining 2. In total, I completed 6X5:00@ 6:54min/mi with 3:00 recovery. The tummy issues had me annoyed (I hate stopping), but I was SO happy I made it in time for my Uncle’s party! Seeing his smile that night made all of the rushing around worth it. With the hard week my family had, we needed this QT!

Thursday- 5 headache miles on the treadmill! I took it very easy, and felt 70% the whole time. My head felt heavy and I just wanted to lay down the whole time. I got it done, rushed home, and relaxed. I get VERY worried when I feel headaches when I run. I’m glad I was on the treadmill for this one!

Friday- OFF! I contemplated running the Chilli Bowl 5k in Tremont the following day, but with the ridiculously cold temperatures I had to turn it down. The risk of injury on ice and the stress the cold temps would put on my body just didn’t seem worth it to me…

Saturday-…SO Saturday I was on for 16 treadmill miles. I had a birthday lunch at 11am in Ohio City for my good friend, and so got up early for this one. My Saturday sleep-ins are officially over! I was at the gym at 8am, but wasn’t on a treadmill until 8:20am. As soon as I hopped on, I felt tummy pain. I had cereal and milk for breakfast, and immediately I knew I made a BIG mistake. Like Wednesday, I held out for as long as I could before I had the opportunity to humiliate myself on the ‘mill! LOL! By 11.5 miles, I ran off to do my business, and came back for the remainder 4.5 miles. I HATED stopping, and so ran the last 4.5 miles harder than normal to make up for the temporary potty break. In total, I completed 16 miles with an average mile of about 7:50-7:55min/mi for the first 11.5 miles and 7:30-7:15min/mi for the last 4.5 miles. I lost track of time with the potty break, but I was under 2:08 for sure. 

Sunday- I was bummed about my crappy 16 miler (pun intended) but am staying positive. I have had a really stressful past few weeks, and it’s only expected to take its toll on me physically. I thought all things positive on my run and ran an easy 4 miles. I felt such a great “glow” when I finished this run knowing 6 weeks were complete, and I was only 10 weeks away from the big day! My family had a nice informal get together in memory of our beloved dog later that day. I miss my dog so much, but have been reminded how much I love my family. The extra QT made my whole weekend!

My sister, our lil Nephew Tommy, and me
Plus my Godson, Luke!!!

Week  6 mileage total-40 miles  Training total- 223.28 miles

On to Week 7! If the temperature is not crazy cold next Saturday, I plan to run in the SnoBall 5k in Bay Village! I have a wedding shower at 11am in Hudson, so it will be packed into an already busy day. But, I really want to put my training to the test (and feel my feet on the pavement!). I know a P.R. is a gamble, but I need to give it a try. Otherwise, I will never really know what my potential really is!

My message in reflection of these past few weeks is this: don't let the hard times in life make you hard. Keep your spirit free, and take some chances. There are many risks that come along with big gambles, but that's what makes life great. It's through the gambles that we reach our greatest potential. Take that gamble, whatever it may be--tell that cute guy you like him, ask for that big promotion, start that degree-- because why not? The reasons to take chances will always outweigh the reasons to not. I promise. :-)

Happy running everyone!

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