Sunday, October 25, 2015

My Crawlback :-)

March 9, 2015

Followed my heart today, and ran for the first time in over 10 months! I got in four consecutive miles...and I'm so excited to say that it felt AWESOME! I just wanted to fly. It was SO great to feel great! I'm not sure what the future holds for running and me, but I feel like we've finally found our peace. Running is a gift, and like all things in life, should be appreciated with moderation. I have learned so much over these 10 months, and am so very grateful for my renewed perspective. I will never take a single step for granted. ☺Had to celebrate with my favorite recovery food, because why not?!? #RunHappy because #LifeisGood

May 15, 2015

Stopped by Achilles in Mentor today and got my first new pair of running shoes in over a year! I'm currently running 3-4 times a week, focusing on running for comfort and fitness. I haven't started training again although my orthopedic doctor gave me the green light to do so about a month ago. I've contemplated hopping into a 5k to test my current fitness level, but I don't want my drive (aka craz...iness 😜LOL) to take over and end up pushing my body to do something it isn't ready for yet. Giving my recovery the same commitment and patience I gave my training REALLY paid off, so any type of comeback will follow suit. So, for now, I'm just focusing on running free, healthy, and HAPPY!!! Here's to new running shoes!!!

September 7, 2015

Today, I pinned a bib on for the first time in almost 17 months! Going into this race on a hot, humid day with only 3 weeks of training in me, I had no expectations beyond getting in a solid workout based solely on feel. I felt no nerves, no worries, and kept thinking of Pope Francis's sweet smile and kind doe eyes as he told a young girl to "Be Courageous!" in his 20/20 interview on Friday. With his words in my ear, the heat and humidity seemed to loosen me up to crushing my personal record and pulling me into the sub-19:00 category!!! YEP, I BROKE 19:00!!! And I earned myself 1st Place Overall Female in 18:51, 6:04min/mi, in one of my all-time favorite communities, CLE Heights, for an awesome cause, Operation Smile!!! Each setback throughout my running career has taught me so much. Taking every second I needed to recover was the best decision I made for my health and my running. Assuming everything stays in tact, I'm planning on running the AkRun Half Marathon at the end of the month. That is my goal, but I've learned that in life there are no guarantees. I will be taking one run at a time, seeing how I feel, and moving forward from there. Here's to running smart, strong, and with COURAGE!!!!

September 26, 2015

It was a beautiful morning for the AkRun Half Marathon! Going into this race, my confidence was a little shaky. I ran a solid 5k a fews ago and my training has been spot on, but with only 6 weeks in after so much time off I wasn't sure if a PR (sub 1:27) was a realistic goal. Despite feeling a bit insecure, I decided to "Be Courageous!," go for it, and just take one mile at a time and see what comes of it. The first few miles felt great, but I was really moving. By the time I hit the 5k mark, I was well under 20:00 and knew that I had gone out too fast. By the time I hit mile 4, I was tapped. I'm not sure I've ever hit a wall in a half marathon like I did today; I REALLY wanted to quit. But I decided to readjust my pace, focus on hanging on for as long as I can, and move to plan B: forget the watch and run with my heart. Fortunately, plan B worked! I picked back up momentum and ran the rest of the race! It was tough to the finish, but I gave what I had in me to give and finished 1:30:05, 6:52min/mi, 16th female and 4th in my age group! I'm pleased with my progress thus far, overall I feel great, and I am confident moving forward from here! My speed is there, but I REALLY need to work on building back stamina. I will be running the Tow Path Half Marathon on October 11 to support @ampavicic as she embarks on her 1st half marathon, but I'm not sure yet if I will race it or casually run it. I'm just going to see what I'm feeling that day! I may consider the Philadelphia Marathon at the end of November, but I don't want to commit just yet. I'm am just so beyond grateful to be back and healthy, and want to be smart with my race decisions. Just gotta pray on it and follow my heart! CONGRATS to everyone who ran today! It was SO awesome to be apart of such a great event with so many amazing, inspirational people who I've missed so dearly!!!!

September 29, 2015

We never really know what the future holds; life can change so quickly. I'd like to send a big shout out to all the nurses, doctors, physical therapists, medical assistants, etc, for their patience, understanding, and care for the weak and vulnerable through their worst of times. I feel like I have so many people to thank for so many different reasons, but I am feeling so beyond grateful right now... for Dr. Cohn, and everyone in his practice, for all they did for me from the onset of my injury and throughout my recovery. We are never guaranteed our health, and can never take it for granted. Each run is truly a gift, and so I feel blessed than ever to post this #HealthySelfie from the Akron Half Marathon 2015!!!

October 11, 2015

Could not have had a more picture perfect day for the Tow Path Half Marathon! After a difficult pull to the finish in Akron two weeks ago and a crazy past few days, I decided to run this one for @ampavicic. My plan was to make her feel excited and confident about her race, enjoy the beautiful scenery, and let my legs push me as far as they wanted to go on the course. The great news is that worked out perfectly: we had a good amount of pre-race relaxation and hang out time, and the race was AWESOME! I LOVED running through CVNP, and was able to maintain a consistent, comfortable but solid pace, cruising to the finish in 1:28:10, 6:44min/mi, winning 3rd overall female! AND the BEST news is I got to spend some post-race QT with some of my favorite people, including my sweetheart nephews Luke and Tommy!!! It was such an awesome day after an awesomely adventurous weekend! And now, or at least at some point today, I will rest! Happy Sunday, everyone!

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