Sunday, October 30, 2016

CLE Oktoberfest 5k Bier Run

With speed work on the agenda for today, I made a little last minute decision to make my way to the CLE Oktoberfest for the 5k Bier run. Coming back from time off due to yet another injury, my training this time around has been focused on patience. I've been easing back in with each run, giving my body the time it needs to adapt before focusing on my PR goal paces. The perfectionist in me struggles with this, particularly finishing workouts knowing I have more to give. But the rational part of me knows this is the only way to achieve my goals and continue running without injury, and that it will all come together in time. With this mentality, I didn't want to get too crazy out there, particularly because I'm planning on running the River Run 1/2 Marathon on Sunday, but I also didn't want to get too lazy and miss the opportunity for a solid workout. My goal was to finish with the feel of a good effort, which I was thinking would be right around 20:00. I was able to get a 1.5 mile warm-up and good stretching as I made my way around BW's pretty neighborhood campus, and felt loose and ready to roll thanks to the toasty late morning temps. Despite being all set to go, I felt nervous at the start, as I was worried about finding that perfect "not crazy, but not lazy" balance on the course. Fortunately, my nerves eased as I crossed the start line, and I focused on staying calm and comfortable with a good effort, and crossed the first mile in 6:10. I passed a few guys in mile 2, but my pace slowed down a bit and I crossed through around 12:30. Knowing I was on track but definitely feeling it, my goal through mile 3 was to not let anyone pass me, as I was fighting through the lazy "ehhhhh your legs are feeling it, take it easy, you're almost done" thoughts. However, no one was near me so I had to take it upon myself to keep pushing, and as I rounded the corner to the finish line I saw 19:50s on the clock. I pushed with all I had left and got just under 20:00 in 19:57, 6:26min/mi! With a 2.5 mile cool down and lots of stretching, my other major focus this time around, I was pleased with my effort and the results! Plus, I got some pretty cool beer steins to hold me over until I make it back to Munich for the real Oktoberfest, which I'm predicting won't be until I'm in my 70s and retired (Yes, I've already thought this through. LOL!). I'm feeling confident that I will be running injury-free this fall, and God willing, I will be at the River Run 1/2 Marathon this weekend and lining up on the streets of CHI-Town in just 5 weeks!!! Although it's definitely bittersweet in my heart, I'm ready to say good-bye to this truly amazing summer that has been filled with more blessings than I'll ever be worthy, and hello to a beautiful fall! Hope everyone has had a wonderful Labor Day weekend and is enjoying this amazingly beautiful day today!

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