Sunday, October 30, 2016

River Run Half Marathon 2016

It was a beautiful morning for one of my favorite races, the River Run 1/2 Marathon! 6 weeks into my training and 4 weeks before Chicago, I was hoping for a comfortable, solid pace that would get me under 1:30 but also allow for an enjoyable experience through the gorgeous Metroparks. I managed to come very close to my time goal, 1:30:01 according to my watch, but was 1:30:46 on my official chip time, so evidently I was all over the course! Which makes sense; this was a tough one for me. I wasn't feeling very well when I woke up this morning for whatever reason, and that feeling carried with me throughout the course. I had to put forth much more effort than I anticipated, and felt sickly and unsteady for the majority of the race. I couldn't find my autopilot groove, and had to focus extra hard and work through each mile. I contemplated my options as I crossed the half way mark, but as usual decided to push through, keep my focus on putting forth my best effort, reminding myself that it was going to be hard no matter what pace I ran, so it might as well be my best! Although I finished feeling a bit deflated, I am pleased as today was most definitely an important part of both my physical and mental training for the Chi-town Marathon, and although it wasn't a perfect race, I'm most certainly where I need to be! I have work to do these next few weeks, and there's definitely lots of uncertainty going into a marathon on an abbreviated training plan, but I am super excited and feeling very confident that, God willing, this may just be the right formula to get me to the start and through to the finish line with no injuries!!! After all, I was informed by my orthopedic doctor on Friday that I have "abnormal feet," LOL, so with yet another imperfection to add to my list, short and sweet training may be my only option for my running future! And this is okay with me! CONGRATS to everyone who ran today!!!!! Was so good to be in the presence of all the spirited, positive, happy runner energy! 

Early miles...

...later miles..LOL!

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