Saturday, April 15, 2017

Tow Path Half Marathon 2017

My training has been on point. I'm injury-free (despite a little swelling from turning my ankle last week) and pain-free. I had my running buddy Jen to push me. I anticipated a comfortable 1:28 at the Tow Path Half Marathon on this gorgeous, picture perfect day. With plenty of time to warm-up and rest prior to the race start, I had no worries about not hitting my goal. When the race horn went off, I eased down the cozy downhill first mile and was sub-6:20; a little fast, but it was the approach I took on the course in 2014 and it felt good, so I went with it. From that point on, I can't tell you what happened; I was just so absent-minded and couldn't connect with the course. My pace was okay through mile 6, but thinking I still had more than half the race to go I suddenly felt sick to my stomach (I'm not sick, so no excuses!). Puking would mean dehydration, so I forced myself to hang on and let it pass. It did, I'm not sure when, but it did. And then somewhere around mile 10, I was done. Totally tapped out, physically and mentally. Jen tried getting me to pull through, but I was doing my best and had nothing left to give besides just getting it done. I felt like I had no control over my body at that point, I was so frustrated I couldn't help but cry. I finished just under 1:33, a solid 5 minutes slower than where I wanted to be, ready to crash at the finish line. I'm disappointed, and not sure exactly what wrong, but I finished and I gave it all I had. Definitely not the race I was hoping for, but I did it. I have 6 weeks until the CLE Marathon, and I most certainly have my work cut off for me; it's time to get down from the CHI-Town cloud if I'm going to make this happen! The greatest lessons and pushes in life don't always come from our successes, but rather through our failures; I know this is a part of His plan, whatever that happens to be. I'm going to do the work, do my best,  and trust that whatever is meant to be, will be; nothing is impossible with God. HAPPY SUNDAY, everyone! Enjoy this gorgeous, sunny, BEAUTIFUL day!

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