Saturday, May 13, 2017

Irish Jig and Jog 5k

Forgot to post my race recap from the Irish Jig and Jog back on March 26! Much has happened since then, but it was a memorable experience, worth blog documentation. :-) Enjoy:

Yesterday was quite the adventure! Despite feeling a bit under the weather throughout the week, I decided to run my first race of the year. I did a nice warm-up, & discovered I had ran past my Dad's childhood home! Despite feeling squeamish, my legs felt good, the energy was positive, & so I thought I was bound to have a great race.  Five minutes prior to the race start, I heard some scuffling between a cop and the race director. Twenty minutes after the race was to start, we were informed by the cop that the race director didn't complete a proper permit and so we were only allowed to run on the sidewalks, single file, had to abide by all traffic signals, & we "BETTER not violate any traffic rules." Being that it was in an old CLE neighborhood, the sidewalks were NOT suitable for racing; it was like an obstacle course! And then the temps dropped from 60 degrees down to 45 by the time the race started (no joke, I most certainly didn't see that coming!), so needless to say my legs were stale, I was under-dressed, and my squeamish belly wasn't too happy with the circumstances. Although any hopes for a decent 5k race were busted, I couldn't help but find humor in the whole situation. Not much pep was left in my step, but I felt bad for the race director (& figured it'd be a good One For The Books), felt happy vibes running in my Dad's ol' neighborhood, and so I did it anyway. It was a struggle (but I was able to avoid getting caught by traffic lights, LOL), my feet weren't too happy with me, but I did it and finished first female. Perhaps this was a reminder from above that we can prepare to do our best, but most of what happens race day (and in life) we simply can't control. But we can control our attitudes, and make the most of whatever is tossed our way. It was a funny race, all the runners were kind (not one person complained, just all compassionate for the race director), & I was able to bring home a little reminder of the event for my Dad who I dedicated this crazy, funny, surprising, hard, but GOOD race to. Just 8 weeks until the CLE Marathon, a lot of work to do in a little bit of time, but I have faith that if He brings me to it, He'll see me through it! 

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