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Back in the winter of 2008 at the age of 25, I overheard a fellow coworker of mine talk about running the Cleveland Half Marathon. I never participated in cross-country or track. I never ran as much as a 5K race. I ran simply because I enjoyed it. I'm not exactly sure what motivated me to want to do the half marathon, but suddenly I felt like it was something I could absolutely do and had to do. I convinced my little sister to do it with me, followed a training plan posted on the Cleveland Marathon website, and a few months later completed my first half marathon. Little did I know that completing this half marathon would open the door to one of the greatest passions of my life. 

Since then, I've run 14 marathons, over 20 half marathons, multiple 5ks and other races. I ran my first marathon, the Cleveland Marathon in 2009 (4:29:12), my second was the Chicago Marathon in 2009 (3:42:26), my third and first BQ was the Glass City Marathon in 2010 (3:19:32), my fourth was the Cleveland Marathon in 2010 (3:18:26), my fifth was the Marine Corps Marathon in 2010 (3:30:15), my sixth was the Boston Marathon in 2011 (3:35:22), my seventh was the Columbus Marathon in 2011 (3:16:02), my eighth was the New York City Marathon in 2011 (3:27:23), my ninth was the Akron Marathon in 2012 (3:20:55), my tenth was the Columbus Marathon in 2012 (3:28:09), my eleventh was the Cleveland Marathon in 2013 (3:23:07), my twelfth was the Glass City Marathon in 2014 (3:13:27), my thirteenth was the Chicago Marathon in 2016 (3:11:39), my fourteenth was the Columbus Marathon in 2017 (3:31:38)

It's my hope that this blog motivates and helps those looking for a dream, whether it be running or what have you! One of the most important lessons I've learning through my running journeys is the importance of believing in your dreams. There will always be people telling you that you can't do it, and reasons to say to yourself "ehhhhh maybe this dream is bigger than me." You might not get there exactly when you want to, or exactly how you planned to. But, if you believe in yourself, the possibilities of the things you can do are limitless. Don't Stop Believing!

First Race EVER: Cleveland Half Marathon May 2008 (Me and KP)
Cleveland Marathon 2009 (4:29:12)

Chicago Marathon 2009 (3:42:26)
Glass City Marathon 2010 (3:19:32)

Cleveland Marathon 2010 (3:18:26)

Marine Corps Marathon 2010 (3:30:15)
Boston Marathon 2011 (3:35:22)

Columbus Marathon 2011 (3:16:02)

New York City Marathon 2011 (3:27:23)

Akron Marathon 2012 (3:20:55)

Columbus Marathon 2012 (3:28:09)

Cleveland Marathon 2013 (3:23:07) 

Glass City Marathon 2014 (3:13:27)
Chicago Marathon 2016 (3:11:39)

Columbus Marathon 2017 (3:31:38)

MP's Current Personal Records:
Marathon PR-
Chicago Marathon- Chicago 10/9/16

1/2 Marathon PR-
Tow Path 1/2 Marathon- Cuyahoga Heights 4/6/14
6:39 min/mi

10 Miler PR-
Perfect 10-Miler- Lyndhurst 8/14/11

15K PR-
Shamrock 15K- Cuyahoga Falls 3/7/10
7:25 min/mi

10K PR-
A Most Excellent Race 10k- Cleveland Heights 6/26/11

5 miler PR-
Cleveland Turkey Trot- Cleveland 11/26/15

4 miler PR-
Shot in the Dark- Cleveland 7/10/10

5K PR-
Cleveland Turkey Trot 5k- Cleveland 11/24/16
6:02 min/mi

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